Below you will find a preliminary schedule of events for the Society's 150th Anniversary. As we progress towards 2015, this list will expand and further details will be added. To be kept up to date on our ever growing list of events, please sign up to our mailing list


150th Anniversary Launch

Goldsmiths Hall, 16th of January

The London Mathematical Society's Anniversary Year will begin with the launch event on the 16th of January, 2015, exactly 150 years to the day from the Society's inaugural meeting. The LMS Council, eminent guests, LMS members and others with an interest in mathematics will gather at Goldsmith's Hall to celebrate this historic occasion. The Launch will centre around two of the Anniversary themes:  Mathematics as a Part of our Culture and New ways of Communicating Mathematics. 


LMS Day at the Joint B(A)MC

Cambridge, 30th March - 2nd April

To mark the 150th anniversary, there will be an LMS celebratory day as part of the joint BMC-BAMC in Cambridge.  The day will include plenary lectures by Robert Calderbank and Andrew Wiles and seminar sessions including some of the LMS Scheme 3 Research Groups.


Women in Maths Celebration

Oxford, 14th - 17th April

The Women in Mathematics Celebration will be a four day event involving mathematicians from A-level to Postdoctoral level celebrating 150 years of women in mathematics and will be held at the newly opened Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.  It will feature talks from some of the most eminent women mathematicians of recent years, demonstrating what a career in mathematics can achieve, both in academia and in wider industry.  As well as inspiring mathematical and careers talks, the event will involve opportunities for networking and socialising.


Hardy Lectures

Locations to be confirmed, June/July 

The London Mathematical Society has invited Professor Nalini Joshi (University of Sydney) to be the 2015 Hardy Lecturer. Professor Joshi will visit the UK in June/July of next year, and will travel the country over a period of 2 - 3 weeks, ending with the special anniversary Hardy Lecture in London on the 3rd of July, 2015.


Exhibition of LMS Members' Correspondences from the Archives of the Royal Society

Royal Society, May - July

Between May and July in 2015 the LMS, in collaboration with the Royal Society, will be exhibiting certain historic correspondences relating to LMS members. These will be available for viewing in the display cases of the Royal Society and are designed to highlight the fascinating history and achievements of emminent LMS members over the last 150 years. 


Computer Science Day

The Royal Society, 17th of September

As a part of the anniversary celebrations, the Society wishes to recognise the rich mathematics that takes place at the interface of computer science and mathematics.  During 2015 a Computer Science Colloquium will be hosted at the Royal Society. The themes of this event will be algorithms and cryptography.  Six internationally-renowned Computer Scientists will present 45 minute talks at this event, followed by a wine-reception and opportunities for informal networking.  


De Morgan House Open Day

De Morgan House, 19th - 20th of September

As part of its promotion to the wider community, the Society takes part in the annual London-wide Open House event.  De Morgan House is open to members of the public who are given a guided tour of the building to learn about the history of the building and of the Society, and about mathematics more generally.  


Mathematics Footfall Festival

London Science Museum, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th November

The Mathematics Footfall Festival has been created in collaboration with the Science Musuem and will launch with a Late Night event on Wednesday the 25th of November. The Festival will last for several days, with exhibitions, talks, and demonstrations from active research groups, tying mathematics to modern culture and technology. This event will be aimed at a wide spectrum of the community, from school children and families through to those with a deep interest in mathematics and academics.

Local Heroes Museum Exhibitions


The Local Heroes Programme will bring mathematics to local communities through a series of exhibitions at museums across the UK. These exhibitions will comprise demonstrations, talks, and displays on famous mathematicians from the local region, as well as talks by local research groups. Through this project, the Society aims to bring mathematics and mathematicians into the local community, celebrating the origins of famous mathematical researchers. 


Associate Artist Scheme


During 2015 the LMS will be funding an Associate Artist to create a project based on mathematics. This artist will work closely with the mathematics community for several months, designing pieces that reflect the beauty and complexity of mathematics. Following the completion of this project, the Associate Artist's work will be displayed both in De Morgan House and more widely across London. 


Who's Where in Mathematics


Since 1865 the LMS has existed to serve the UK mathematics community. With the intention of furthering this goal, it has recently begun work on a UK-wide mathematician database aimed at promoting communication and links between academics. This database will be launched during 2015 and is designed as a searchable online listing of all mathematicians actively researching at institutions. It is our hope that this project will be of use to those seeking experts in the field, whether for collaborations, degree supervision, paper refereeing, lecturing, or other purposes.


Regional Meetings

Dates and Locations to be confirmed.


Anniversary Edition of the Members' Handbook


In celebration of the membership at the heart of the LMS, the Society will be releasing a special edition of the Members' Handbook, recording the membership as at 2015. This handbook will contain the names of all Society members, along with details of the Society during it's sesquicentenial year. 


Popular Lectures

Dates and Locations to be Confirmed

For the LMS' 150th Anniversary the yearly Popular Lecture series will be expanded from the normal two, to four talks. These lectures aim to bring mathematics to the general public, encouraging interest and excitement in the field. More information on these events will be released closer to the Anniversary Launch.