150th Anniversary Departmental Celebration (East Anglia University)

Tuesday 28th April, 2015
Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ

On 28th April the School of Mathematics at UEA celebrated mathematical research in Norwich and more broadly in the UK at a reception marking the 150th anniversary of the LMS. UEA is part of the Norwich Research Park and apart from those from the School itself, mathematical science researchers attended from the School of Computing Sciences, the Institute of Food Research, The Genome Analysis Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory and the John Innes Centre. The reception was an opportunity for many of them to introduce themselves, and to strengthen the links between mathematics researchers across the campus. The LMS departmental representative, Jonathan Kirby, said a few words about the LMS, particularly the small grants scheme which many of us have benefited from, and we all toasted the continued success of the LMS and of mathematics at UEA, on the Norwich Research Park, and more widely in the UK.