Hardy Lecture (Oxford)

Thursday 18th June, 2015
University of Oxford, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary, the LMS is hosting a special Hardy Fellowship in 2015. The Fellowship was founded in 1967 in memory of G.H. Hardy in recognition of outstanding contribution to both mathematics and to the Society. The Hardy Fellowship is a lecture tour of the UK by a mathematician with a high reputation in research.

The 2015 Hardy Lecturer is Nalini Joshi (Sydney)


Organiser: Lionel Mason (lmason@maths.ox.ac.uk)


The famous inverse scattering transform method and its less famous discrete version

Abstract: The simplest solutions of integrable systems are special functions that have been known since the time of Newton, Gauss and Euler. These functions satisfy not only differential equations as functions of their independent variable but also difference equations as functions of their parameter(s).  We show how the inverse scattering transform method, which was invented to solve the Korteweg-de Vries equation, can be extended to its discrete version.

S.Butler and N.Joshi, An inverse scattering transform for the lattice potential KdV equation, Inverse Problems 26 (2010) 115012 (28pp)


Room L2