LMS Summer Schools

Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting future Summer Schools - Closing date 31st October.

The Society is now inviting expressions of interest from institutions for the hosting of future summer schools.  If you have any queries about the call, please contact Duncan Turton at lmssummerschool@lms.ac.uk.


LMS Undergraduate Summer School 2016

University of Kent, July 10-22, 2016

The aim of the School is to introduce modern mathematics to the best UK undergraduates who are not currently in their final year of study.  The Inaugural Summer School was held at Loughborough in 2015.

The School will be a combination of short lecture courses with problem solving sessions and colloquium style talks from leading mathematicians.

The timetable for the school is now available.

Speakers at the 2016 School are listed below, with abstracts and exercises linked where available.


Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow) - From Platonic solids to quivers  (EXERCISES)

Olga Maleva (Birmingham) - The Baire Category theorem and the Banach-Mazur game (Description & Exercises)

Shaun Stevens (UEA) - Local-global principles in number theory

Paul Sutcliffe (Durham) - Topological solitons

John Talbot (UCL) - Extremal combinatorics (Further Notes)  (EXERCISES)

Sasha Veselov (Loughborough) - The many faces of polyhedra (Further notes and exercises)


Colloquium speakers:

Ben  Green (Oxford) - Arithmetic Progressions of Length 3

Malwina Luczak (QMUL) - Long term and limiting behaviour of epidemics in large populations

John Pearson (Kent) - The possibilities of numerical analysis

Yosef Rinott (Hebrew University Jerusalem) - On multiple testing and estimation

Gwyneth Stallard (Open University) - Fractals in complex dynamics

Martina Balagovic (Newcastle) - Wait...that can't be right!!

Andrew Hodges (Oxford) - Spinors and Geometry

Ekaterina Eremenko - The Discrete Charm of Geometry and Colors of Math (films) (POSTER)





Claim forms are to be returned to:

Prof Andrew Hone


University of Kent

Canterbury CT2 7NF. 


Some questions have been asked about students on 4-year programmes e.g. MMath.  To clarify, departments are very welcome to nominate students on such courses provided that the student is not currently in the final year i.e they will begin their final year in autumn 2016.

Scientific Committee: Andrew Hone, Frances Kirwan, FRS, Sergei Tabachnikov and Alexander Veselov 

2016 Local Organising Committee: Steffen Krusch, Bas Lemmens, Joe Watkins, Pavlos Xenitidis