LMS Summer Schools


LMS Undergraduate Summer School 2017

University of Manchester, July 16-28, 2017

The aim of the School is to introduce modern mathematics to the best UK undergraduates who are not currently in their final year of study.  The Inaugural Summer School was held at Loughborough in 2015.  The 2016 School was held at the University of Kent.

The School will be a combination of short lecture courses with problem solving sessions and colloquium style talks from leading mathematicians.

Nominations have now closed.  Nominations for the 2018 Summer School will be open later in the year.



Previous Summer Schools:

2016 - University of Kent

2015 - Loughborough University


Scientific Committee: Andrew Hone, Frances Kirwan, FRS, Sergei Tabachnikov and Alexander Veselov 

Some questions have been asked about students on 4-year programmes e.g. MMath.  To clarify, departments are very welcome to nominate students on courses of any duration provided that the student is not currently in the final year i.e students nominated for the 2017 summer school should commence their final year of study in autumn 2017.