Local Heroes Exhibition (Lincoln University Library/Lincoln Cathedral)

Monday 13th July, 2015 to Sunday 6th September, 2015
GCW University Library, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS

In addition to exhibitions taking place in Tenby, Carrickfergus, Banff, Dundee and Kensington (London), the London Mathematical Society is pleased to be sponsoring a Local heroes Exhibition in Lincoln Cathedral and the Lincoln University Library, from 13 July to 3 November 2015. The exhibition is titled The Life and Legacy of George Boole


The Life and Legacy of George Boole

A new exhibition celebrating the life and legacy of one of the world’s finest mathematicians, who we have to thank for the technology behind all modern-day computers, will open in his home city this summer.

George Boole, who was born in Lincoln in 1815, was a self-taught mathematical genius whose work forms the basis of computer science and electronic circuitry. Boole laid the foundations of the digital era and is widely recognised as the forefather of the information age. Today, his legacy surrounds us everywhere – the modern computing device, whether it is a mobile phone, iPad, tablet computer or mainframe work station is essentially a Boolean calculator where information such as video, photos and audio are digitised and processed for our work and enjoyment.

To celebrate the bicentenary of his birth, the University of Lincoln, UK, will host an illuminating exhibition showcasing a timeline of Boole’s life through an extensive archive of his correspondence, academic work and personal items. Taking place in the University of Lincoln’s award-winning Great Central Warehouse Library, The Life and Legacy of George Boole, will run from Monday 13th July – Friday 11th September 2015. The exhibition is open to all and is free to attend.

The Life and Legacy of George Boole has been created by the institution at which Boole spent much of his academic career, University College Cork, where the same exhibition will run simultaneously. It is backed by funding from the London Mathematical Society as part of its Local Heroes Exhibitions initiative and is supported by the University of Lincoln’s School of Mathematics and Physics, The Lincoln Boole Foundation and Lincoln Cathedral.