Queen of the Sciences: A Celebration of Numbers and the London Mathematical Society

An exhibition of early documents and photographs from the LMS archives opened this month at the University College London (UCL) Main Library. The exhibition, displayed in three cabinets and across two floors of the library, is supplemented by material featuring the numbers 1 to 9 from UCL’s own Special Collections.

Highlights include a student’s sketch of the LMS founding President Augustus De Morgan, a sketch of an early LMS logo by Sophia de Morgan, and a letter from George de Morgan and Arthur Cowper Ranyard inviting Thomas Archer Hirst to the inaugural meeting of the Society in 1865. The exhibition is free, open to all, and will remain in situ for the remainder of 2015, allowing plenty of time to see and appreciate these rare and historic insights into the history of the LMS.

For more information, visit www.ucl.ac.uk/library/exhibitions or call the UCL Library reception on 020 7679 7793.