LMS prizes - call for nominations

The London Mathematical Society would like to invite nominations for the following LMS prizes in 2018, which are intended to recognise and celebrate achievements in and contributions to mathematics:

  • The PÓLYA PRIZE in recognition of outstanding creativity in, imaginative exposition of, or distinguished contribution to, mathematics within the United Kingdom.
  • The FRÖHLICH PRIZE for original and extremely innovative work in any branch of mathematics.
  • The SENIOR BERWICK PRIZE, awarded in recognition of an outstanding piece of mathematical research actually published by the Society during the eight years ending on 31 December 2017.
  • The WHITEHEAD PRIZES for work in and influence on mathematics. Up to six Whitehead Prizes may be awarded.
  • The HIRST PRIZE AND LECTURESHIP for contributions to the study of the history of mathematics. The prize will be awarded in recognition of original and innovative work in the history of mathematics, which may be in any medium.
  • The ANNE BENNETT PRIZE for work in and influence on mathematics, particularly acting as an inspiration for women mathematicians

The closing date for nominations is Friday 26th January 2018. Any nominations received after that date will be considered in the next prize award round.

Regulations, including information on eligibility, for each of the prizes can be found here.

To nominate a candidate, please complete a nomination form and return it to Katherine Wright, Society Business Officer: prizes@lms.ac.uk. Each nomination should include a short CV and publications list. Nominations for the Senior Berwick Prize should also include the paper for which the prize is nominated.


2018 Prizes Nomination Form (for all except Senior Berwick) (Word)

2018 Prizes Nomination Form (for all except Senior Berwick) (PDF)

2018 Senior Berwick Prize Nomination Form (Word)

2018 Senior Berwick Prize Nomination Form (PDF)

Nominations made will be considered for two prize award rounds, provided that the nominee(s) remains eligible for the prize.

The Prizes Committee is keen to increase the number of nominations it receives and, in particular, the number of nominations for women, which are disproportionately low each year. The prize regulations refer to the concept of "academic age", rather than date of birth, in order to take account more fully of broken career patterns.

For further information, please email prizes@lms.ac.uk.