2017 LMS Prize Winners

The 2017 LMS Prize winners were announced at the Society Meeting on Friday 30 June 2017. The LMS extends its congratulations to this year’s prize winners and for their continued contributions to mathematics.

PROFESSOR ALEX WILKIE FRS, of the University of Oxford, is awarded the Polya Prize for his profound contributions to model theory and to its connections with real analytic geometry.

PROFESSOR PETER CAMERON, of the University of St Andrews, is awarded a Senior Whitehead Prize for his exceptional research contributions across combinatorics and group theory. His fertile imagination and encouragement of others have sparked activity in many fields.

PROFESSOR ALISON ETHERIDGE FRS, of the University of Oxford, is awarded a Senior Anne Bennett Prize in recognition of her outstanding research on measure-valued stochastic processes and applications to population biology; and for her impressive leadership and service to the profession.

PROFESSOR JOHN ROBERT KING, of the University of Nottingham, is awarded a Naylor Prize and Lectureship for his profound contributions to the theory of nonlinear PDEs and applied mathematical modelling.

The Berwick Prize is awarded to KEVIN COSTELLO of the Perimeter Institute, Canada, for his paper The partition function of a topological field theory, published in the Journal of Topology in 2009, which characterizes the function as the unique solution of a master equation in a Fock space.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to DR JULIA GOG, of the University of Cambridge, for her wide-ranging contributions to the mathematical understanding of disease dynamics, particularly influenza, based on both mathematical mastery and profound biological insight, gained from her long-standing collaborations with immunologists and epidemiologists.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to DR ANDRÁS MÁTHÉ, of the University of Warwick, for his original insights into deep problems from geometric measure theory, combinatorics and real analysis.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to ASHLEY MONTANARO, of the University of Bristol, for his outstanding and strikingly diverse contributions across the field of quantum computation and quantum information theory.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to DR OSCAR RANDAL-WILLIAMS, of the University of Cambridge, for his contributions to algebraic topology and in particular the study of moduli spaces of manifolds.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to DR JACK THORNE, of the University of Cambridge, for his contributions to number theory, and in particular to the Langlands program.

A Whitehead Prize is awarded to PROFESSOR MICHAEL WEMYSS, of the University of Glasgow, for the profound applications of algebraic and homological techniques to algebraic geometry.