Women in Mathematics Day 2013

Women in Mathematics Day is an annual event and members are asked to encourage women mathematicians, particularly students (including final year undergraduates) and those at an early stage of their career, to attend this meeting.  Postgraduates, postdocs and research assistants are invited to participate in the event by giving a talk or presenting a poster. 

The event provides an opportunity to meet and talk with women who are active and successful in mathematics. While this is an occasion particularly for women active in mathematics to get together, men are certainly not excluded from this event.


Women in Mathematics Day 2013

Women in Mathematics Day 2013 was a two-day event on 18th-19th April and was held at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge. Sessions included talks by women mathematicians at different career stages and a poster session.  

Some of the talks given at the event were streamed live on the INI's website and you can watch these here.

The Poster Competition was won by Tahel Ronel, University of Manchester.

The Women in Mathematics Day 2013 was kindly supported by the Clay Mathematics Institute, the Isaac Newton Institute, the DPMMS and the DAMTP at the University of Cambridge.

Women in Mathematics Day 2013 Programme