Editorial Advisers

Papers for the Bulletin, Journal, Proceedings or Transactions of the LMS should be submitted to the London Mathematical Society, naming the most appropriate member of the Editorial Board to whom the paper should be forwarded. See also: Submit a Paper.

Adviser's Name

Specialist Area

A Bayer Algebraic geometry
J Bennett Harmonic analysis
N P Byott Algebraic number theory
J A Carrillo Nonlinear PDEs, numerical analysis of PDEs, and calculus of variations
J Chuang Representation theory
A Corti Algebraic geometry
E C M Crooks Nonlinear analysis and PDEs
M D P Daws Banach and operator spaces and abstract harmonic analysis
F Diamond Automorphic forms and Galois representations
K Dykema Operator algebras and free probability theory
M Haskins Geometric analysis and differential geometry
A K Haynes Analytic number theory, dynamical systems
A Hinkkanen Complex analysis and potential theory
T Hytönen Harmonic analysis and operator theory
G Infante Ordinary differential equations
S B Iyengar Commutative algebra
O M Jenkinson Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
A Juhász Geometric topology
P A Linnell Discrete groups and cohomology
D D Long Low-dimensional topology, geometry and discrete groups
P A Markowich Nonlinear systems and PDEs
R J Marsh Representations of algebras and homological algebra
K McGerty Algebra and representation theory
A Némethi Singularity theory
G A Niblo Geometric group theory and non-commutative geometry
N Nikolov Finite group theory
T C O'Neil Real analysis and geometric measure theory
O Randal-Williams Algebraic topology and K-theory
T J Ransford Complex analysis and operator theory
S M Rees Complex dynamics and dynamics
K C Rietsch Algebraic groups and representation theory
T Sanders Analytic number theory
D Segal Group theory
A N Skorobogatov Arithmetic geometry
A V Sobolev Linear PDEs and spectral theory
I A B Strachan Integrable systems and mathematical physics
A Swann Differential geometry
J M Talbot Graph theory and combinatorics
C Ulcigrai Ergodic theory and Teichmüller dynamics
J Warren Probability and stochastic analysis
C Wendl Symplectic and contact topology
B Zegarlinski Infinite-dimensional analysis, coercive inequalities and Markov semigroups
B Zilber Logic and applications in number theory and geometry