Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion underpin all activities at the London Mathematical Society. We want to be a learned society and membership body where all mathematicians feel welcome and represented. We will work to advance equity and inclusion in all mathematics communities, including but not limited to mathematicians' race, ethnicity, gender, trans identity, sexual orientation, sex, age, religion or religious belief, neurodiversity, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and background.

We aim to do this by:

  • Ensuring that we promote our membership to all the mathematics community.
  • Using social media and LMS Communications to recognise and celebrate the achievements of under-represented groups in mathematics.
  • Encouraging our members to apply to join our committees to ensure wider representation in the mathematics community.
  • Offering grant schemes that support women and under-represented groups in mathematics.
  • Encouraging nominations for LMS Prizes from underrepresented groups in the mathematics community.
  • Holding free events that celebrate mathematics and promote the diversity of  mathematicians.
  • Ensuring that opportunities to publish articles in our journals or sit on our editorial boards are open to all mathematicians.
  • Ensuring that any activities we fund are accessible to mathematicians that want to attend.
  • Ensuring that our recruitment processes are fair and that our interview panels are diverse.

Much of our work in this area is led by the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics (CWDM). We also have a specific Member-at-Large (Women and Diversity) position on the LMS Council to promote diversity and inclusion in our decision-making processes.