LMS Elections

LMS Elections 2020

The results of the 2020 LMS Elections to Council and Nominating Committee were announced at the LMS Annual General Meeting on 20 November 2020 and are listed below. 


President: Jon Keating

Vice-Presidents: Iain Gordon and Catherine Hobbs

General Secretary: Robb McDonald

Treasurer: Simon Salamon

Publications Secretary: John Hunton

Programme Secretary: Chris Parker

Education Secretary: Kevin Houston

Member-at-Large, Librarian (1-year term):

Mark McCartney

Members-at-Large (2-year terms), in alphabetical order:

Peter Ashwin

Anne-Christine Davis

Minhyong Kim

Niall MacKay

Anne Taormina

Amanda Turner

The continuing members of Council are: Elaine Crooks, Andrew Dancer, Tony Gardiner, Frank Neumann and Brita Nucinkis.

Nominating Committee (3-year terms), in alphabetical order:

Chris Budd

Gwyneth Stallard

Other members of the Nominating Committee are: Kenneth Falconer (Chair), I. David Abrahams, Beatrice Pelloni, Mary Rees and Elizabeth Winstanley. In addition, Council will appoint a representative to the Committee.


Many thanks to all those Members who voted.