LMS Elections

Preliminary slates for the 2020 LMS elections to Council and Nominating Committee are given below. Candidates' biographies are accessible here. Direct nominations received during August will be added to this document as they become available (please see Section 2 below for details of how to make a direct nomination).

A forum to discuss the elections is available at http://discussions.lms.ac.uk/lmselections/.

As in previous years, members are invited to make direct nominations for both Council and Nominating Committee; details of how to do this are below. The deadline for receipt of direct nominations is no later than noon on 1 September 2020.

The ballot will open in autumn 2020 and the results will be announced at the LMS Annual General Meeting in November.

A note on the impact of possible changes to the Standing Orders.

As previously announced, the Society is in the process of seeking approval from the Privy Council to amend its Standing Orders https://www.lms.ac.uk/about/lms-standing-orders-review (as its Royal Charter, Statutes and By-Laws are collectively known). The Society is uncertain, in the current circumstances, when the Privy Council will be able to consider this request.  The election slates below are currently presented on the assumption that the existing Standing Orders remain in place.

Professor Ulrike Tillman has been approached and agreed to be a candidate for President – see https://www.lms.ac.uk/news-entry/25062020-1347/lms-president-designate-announced. If the existing Standing Orders remain in place there will be a President Designate and LMS members will have an opportunity to vote for a President in November 2021. However, if the new Standing Orders are approved soon, members will have the opportunity to vote in November 2020 for a President Elect who will serve a two year term commencing in November 2021.

Under the new Standing Orders there will also be no separate post of Member-at-Large (Librarian) and Mark McCartney will be nominated alongside the other candidates for Members-at-Large, in which case there will be 6 vacancies for 2 year terms and 1 vacancy for a 1 year term.


1. Election slates for LMS Council and Nominating Committee

1.1 Council: Officers

The following nominations for Officers of Council have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.

Role Nominee Nominator
President Jon Keating Nominating Committee
Vice-President Iain Gordon Nominating Committee
Vice-President Catherine Hobbs Nominating Committee
Treasurer Simon Salamon Nominating Committee
General Secretary Robb McDonald Nominating Committee
Publications Secretary John Hunton Nominating Committee
Programme Secretary Chris Parker Nominating Committee
Education Secretary Kevin Houston Nominating Committee


1.2 Council: Members-at-Large

The following nominations for Members-at-Large of Council have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.  Six two-year terms are contested in the election.  The list is alphabetical by surname.

Role Nominee Nominator
Member-at-Large of Council Peter Ashwin Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Anne-Christine Davis Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Chris Howls Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Minhyong Kim Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Niall MacKay Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Shahn Majid Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Mariya Ptashnyk Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Anne Taormina Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Amanda Turner Nominating Committee


Five Members-at-Large who were elected for two years in 2019 have a year of their terms left to serve; they are: Elaine Crooks, Andrew Dancer, Tony Gardiner, Frank Neumann and Brita Nucinkis.

In addition, the role of Member at Large (Librarian) will be open for election in 2020. The term of office is one year, to a maximum of ten years. The following nomination has been made in accordance with the Society’s By-Laws:

Role Nominee Nominator
Member-at-Large (Librarian) Mark McCartney Nominating Committee


1.3 Nominating Committee

The following nominations for the Nominating Committee have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.

There are two vacancies, both for three-year terms.

The list is alphabetical by surname.

Role Nominee Nominator
Nominating Committee Chris Budd Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee Rachel Camina Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee John Parker Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee Gwyneth Stallard Nominating Committee


The continuing members of the Nominating Committee are: Kenneth Falconer (Chair), I. David Abrahams, Beatrice Pelloni, Mary Rees and Elizabeth Winstanley. In addition, Council will appoint a representative to the Committee. 

Further information about the work of the Nominating Committee is available here.  The Committee welcomes input from Society members.


2.  Direct Nominations

Direct nominations for either Council or Nominating Committee must be sent to the Executive Secretary of the London Mathematical Society, Caroline Wallace (nominations@lms.ac.uk; De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HS), to be received no later than noon on 1 September 2020.

Direct nominations must include:

  • The name of the nominee.
  • The role for which the nominee is nominated.
  • The nominee’s acceptance of the nomination.
  • Three seconders, with a statement from each confirming that they are willing to act as a seconder.
  • A nominator.

The nominee, proposer and all seconders must be members of the LMS in good standing. The LMS By-Laws also specify that, at the time of their service, members of Council must be resident in the UK.

A form for making direct nominations is also available. Members should note that this form is for convenience only and there is no obligation to use this.

Nomination form for Council

Nomination form for Nominating Committee

Such nominations must bear the signatures of the nominator and three seconders and of the nominee. Please send the completed form(s) to Caroline Wallace, Executive Secretary (nominations@lms.ac.uk).

All nominated candidates will be asked to provide standard biographical information which will be distributed to the voters. Candidates will also be encouraged to make a 200 word personal statement to be submitted with their biography.

If you would like further assistance with making a direct nomination, please contact James Taylor, Society Governance Officer, at nominations@lms.ac.uk.