LMS Elections

The slates for the 2017 LMS elections to Council and Nominating Committee are given below.

Candidates' biographies can be accessed here.

A forum for LMS members and candidates to discuss the 2017 elections is available here.

The ballot will open on 5 October 2017. The deadline for casting an online or postal vote is 2 November 2017. For postal votes, there is a 2-working-day grace period, which ends on 23:59 on 6 November.

For the Council elections only, members may also vote in person at the AGM on 10 November 2017, using the ballot paper supplied. Such votes must be submitted in the official envelope and validated by the member's signature. Votes for Nominating Committee must be made in advance by 2 November 2017.

The results will be announced at the LMS Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2017.

Any queries should be addressed to the LMS Executive Secretary, Fiona Nixon: nominations@lms.ac.uk


1. Election slates for LMS Council and Nominating Committee

1.1 Council: Officers

The following nominations for Officers of Council have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.

Role Nominee Nominator
President Caroline Series Nominating Committee
Vice-Presidents (2 vacancies)

John Greenlees

Catherine Hobbs

Nominating Committee
Treasurer Robert Curtis Nominating Committee
General Secretary Stephen Huggett Nominating Committee
Publications Secretary John Hunton Nominating Committee
Programme Secretary Iain A. Stewart Nominating Committee
Education Secretary (1 vacancy) Tony Gardiner Nominator: Timothy Gowers.
Seconders: Kevin Buzzard, Ben Green, A. P. Veselov
Kevin Houston Nominating Committee


1.2 Council: Members-at-Large

The following nominations for Members-at-Large of Council have been made in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.  Six two-year terms are contested in the election.  The list is alphabetical.

Role Nominee Nominator
Member-at-Large of Council Mark A. J. Chaplain Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Stephen J. Cowley Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Andrew Dancer Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Tony Gardiner Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Evgenios Kakariadis Nominator:  Corneliu Hoffman
Seconders:  Ivan Todorov, Nikos Katzourakis, Stephen Power
Member-at-Large of Council Katrin Leschke Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Brita Nucinkis Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Ronald Reid-Edwards Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Gwyneth Stallard Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large of Council Alina Vdovina Nominating Committee

Five Members-at-Large who were elected for two years in 2016 have a year of their terms left to serve; they are: Alexandre Borovik, Tara Brendle, Francis Clarke, David E. Evans and Sarah Zerbes.

In addition, the role of Member at Large (Librarian) will be open for election in 2017. The term of office is one year, to a maximum of ten years. The following nomination has been made in accordance with the Society’s By-Laws:

Role Nominee Nominator
Member-at-Large (Librarian) June Barrow-Green Nominating Committee


1.3 Nominating Committee

The following nominations for the Nominating Committee have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws:

There are two vacancies, both at three-year terms.

The list is alphabetical.

Role Nominee Nominator
Nominating C'ttee H. Dugald Macpherson Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Martin Mathieu Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Andrew Treglown Nominating Committee

The continuing members of the Nominating Committee are John Toland (Chair), Roger Heath-Brown, Marta Mazzocco, Sarah Rees and Ulrike Tillmann. In addition, Council will appoint a representative to the Committee. 

Further information about the work of the nominating committee is available.  The committee welcomes input from Society members.


Members will see on the ballot paper that one candidate is standing in two contests. The candidate’s name appears in both the Member-at-Large contest, and also in the Education Secretary contest. The By-Laws allow for such a situation, and this note is to clarify for members how the election procedures apply in this instance.

As in previous years, the elections for each individual Officer position are separate contests; the Member-at-Large positions are counted together as one contest, as are the Nominating Committee positions.

Any candidate standing in two contests will be asked to indicate to the Scrutineers, in confidence, their preference with respect to the two positions for which they are standing; the Scrutineers will take any such indicated preference into appropriate account when instructing the ERS over the processing of votes.

Members are free to vote for such a candidate in both contests, in one contest and not the other, or in neither contest.