International Affairs

International activities supported by the LMS include:

Interaction with international mathematical bodies
The London Mathematical Society is the UK adhering body to the International Mathematical Union, and always plays a full role in the General Assembly of the IMU and in the International Mathematical Congresses.

The LMS nominates the UK representative for the IMU’s International Commission on Mathematical Instruction.

For the IMU’s Commission on Development and Exchange, the Society makes an annual contribution to support mathematicians from developing countries participating in IMU activities.

The LMS has been involved in the work of the IMU’s Committee on Electronic Information and Communication.

The Society is also a member of European Mathematical Society, actively participating in its work, and of the  International Council on Industrial Applied Mathematics.

International grant schemes
The LMS runs a number of grant schemes to facilitate international cooperation within the mathematics community.

  • Visitor Grants provide financial support for a visitor to the UK.  As a condition, the visitor should give lectures in at least three separate institutions, normally in different towns or cities.
  • International Short Visits offers grants to UK-based mathematicians to support a visit for collaborative research with a particular emphasis on visits to or from Africa.


Bilateral links with mathematicians and bodies in other countries

The LMS supports mathematical research in Africa by making direct grants (normally postgraduate travel bursaries) to conferences supported by the AMMSI network. The Society is also a key partner in the MARM project which facilitates the creation of joint research partnerships between UK mathematicians, their colleagues in sub-Saharan Africa, and doctoral students of those colleagues.

New Zealand
In cooperation with the New Zealand Mathematical Society, the LMS runs the Forder & Aitken Lectureship scheme, in which a mathematician from the UK gives a series of lectures in New Zealand or vice versa. 

Other countries
The Society’s International Short Visits grant scheme supports mathematics in the developing world, with a particular emphasis on Africa.

Journal exchanges
The Society operates a system of journal exchanges with over 100 academies and societies in other countries around the world. Copies of the Journal, Bulletin, or Proceedings are exchanged for a wide range of mathematics journals in order to support the dissemination of knowledge to communities that might otherwise be unable to afford their subscription.

Reciprocity agreements
Members of certain overseas mathematical societies who are not normally resident in the United Kingdom may become members of the LMS under the terms of various Reciprocity Agreements. Subscription for Reciprocity Membership is fixed at 50% of the cost of Ordinary membership. Further information.