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The Society has been fortunate, over its history, to receive several significant donations and legacies – among these are those from Rayleigh, Larmor, Hardy and Fröhlich. They have been enormously valuable in enabling the Society to extend its support for mathematics and mathematicians.

How the Society supports mathematics

The London Mathematical Society (LMS), a registered UK Charity (no. 252660), is the UK’s learned society for mathematics. Its purpose is the advancement, dissemination and promotion of mathematical knowledge, both nationally and internationally. The LMS currently supports mathematics research in many ways. More details of the activities that we undertake and fund

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The Society has an increasing number of calls on its funds and is keen to maintain and indeed increase its level of support for all of the above objectives. The long-term stability of these programmes depends on the Society having endowments, gifts and investments to support them. 


De Morgan Donations: A De Morgan Donation of £1,865 reflects the Society’s foundation year of 1865. Should you wish to donate more than £1,865 and become part of the De Morgan Friends, you are welcome to enter your preferred donation here:


Regular Donations

Regular donations to the Society can be made by direct debit or standing order. To set up a regular standing order please contact  

Direct Debit

LMS members

If you are a current LMS member who already pays by direct debit you can add an annual donation to your existing direct debit for membership fees. Annual donations are usually collected on, or just after, 1 November each year, at the same time as the annual collection of LMS Membership fees. If you wish to do this, please sign in to the LMS website and go to the My LMS Membership tab here.

If you do not currently have a direct debit in place, you can set up a new direct debit for donations. To do this please follow the instructions here.

Non-LMS members

The direct debit option is not currently available for non-LMS members but it is hoped that it will be in the near future.


Other Ways to Donate 

A De Morgan Donation is a Donation to the Society of £1,865 or more. The Society is immensely grateful to anyone who is able to make a donation at this level. For details see here

Donations of up to £5,000 may be made by card payment online. If you would like to make a donation of more than £5,000, please contact

Donations can also be made either by cheque payable to the London Mathematical Society, or by direct bank transfer. Should you wish to use this latter method, or to otherwise discuss your donation, please contact If you are a UK tax payer, remember to use the gift aid form either on line or on paper using the pdf form below.

Donations or sponsorship from corporate bodies are also very welcome. To discuss this, please contact

Gift Aid

Donations are a tax-efficient way of giving to the Society. The LMS is able to reclaim Gift Aid on donations made by UK tax payers without any extra cost to the donor. If you are a UK tax-payer, you can boost your donation by 25% by ticking the Gift Aid box and allowing the Society to reclaim 25p for every £1 you give from HMRC.

Information on Gift Aid (external website)
Gift Aid declaration form (PDF)

Leaving a Legacy

Legacies are a tax-efficient way of giving to the Society as legacies to charities are completely free of inheritance tax (for UK tax payers) and thus the Society will receive all that you leave to it.

Here are some detailed notes on how to go about this.

If you are contemplating making a substantial donation or remembering the Society in your Will, you would be welcome to contact the President ( or the Executive Secretary, Caroline Wallace (, 020 7291 9979).