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The Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society is the flagship journal of the LMS. It publishes articles of the highest quality and significance across a broad range of mathematics. There are no page length restrictions for submitted papers. 

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First issues of the relaunched Proceedings

Volume 122: Issue 1

Del Pezzo surfaces as Springer fibres for exceptional groups
Ian Grojnowski Nicholas Shepherd‐Barron

Polynomial to exponential transition in Ramsey theory
Dhruv Mubayi Alexander Razborov

Anomalous Anosov flows revisited
Thomas Barthelmé Christian Bonatti Andrey Gogolev Federico Rodriguez Hertz

Boundary spike-layer solutions of the singular Keller-Segel system: existence and stability
Jose A. Carrillo Jingyu Li Zhi‐An Wang

Heegner points in Coleman families
Dimitar Jetchev David Loeffler Sarah Livia Zerbes

Motivic Chern classes and K-theoretic stable envelopes
László M. Fehér Richárd Rimányi Andrzej Weber

On the weak relative Dixmier property
Amine Marrakchi

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