LMS-BSHM Hirst Prize

Originally launched in 2015 as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the Hirst Prize and Lectureship is now jointly awarded by the LMS and the British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM). The prize is named after Thomas Archer Hirst, who was the fifth President of the LMS (1872–1874).

The Hirst Prize and Lectureship is intended to recognise contributions to the study of the history of mathematics. The prize shall be awarded in recognition of original and innovative work in the history of mathematics, which may be in any medium.


LMS-BSHM Hirst Prize Guidelines

Prize regulations

Download the full prize regulations here.


Nominations for the 2021 Hirst Prize

Nominations for the 2021 prize are now closed and the prize winner will be announced later this year. 



The prize is open to any mathematician or historian of mathematics. In a given year, the members of the Hirst Prize Committee, and the members of the LMS and BSHM Councils, shall be ineligible for the award of the prize. There is no requirement for the winner to be based in the UK. 


Previous winners:

2018: J. Gray
2015: E. F. Robertson and J. J. O'Connor (joint)