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MARCH 2014

21 Yorkshire Durham Geometry Day
21–22 Classical and Quantum Integrable Meeting, Glasgow
22–23 Mathematical Logic, Bristol University
24–28 Intensive Research Week on Calculus of Variations, Geometric Analysis and PDEs
31 LMS Northern Regional Meeting, Durham
313 Apr Aspects of Random Walks, Durham
313 Apr Stochastic Processes and Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensional Spaces

AnchorAPRIL 2014

15 Ischia Group Theory 2014, Naples, Italy
2–4 Distinguished Lecture Series 2014, Heilbronn Institute, Bristol
7–10 British Mathematical Colloquium, Queen Mary, University of London
8 LMS Meeting at BMC, Queen Mary, University of London
8 The Mathematics of Brain Dynamics, Birmingham
8–10 MECO39 - Middle European Cooperation on Statistical Mechanics, Coventry University 
9 APT 50th Anniversary Special Lectures, Sheffield
11–12 Integrable Models, Conformal Field Theory Meeting, University of Glasgow
14–17 LMS Invited Lecturer 2014, University of East Anglia
14–17 Kent Spectral Theory Meeting, Canterbury
22 Atiyah85, Oxford
23 Heteroclinic Dynamics and the Edge of Turbulence, Leeds 
23–25 Young Functional Analysts’ Workshop, Lancaster University
23–25 Probability, Analysis and Dynamics, Bristol University
25 Women in Mathematics Day, London
28–30 BAMC 2014, Cardiff University
28–1 May Probability and Statistics Research Students Conference, Nottingham
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MAY 2014

9 Geometry Day V, King's College London
15–17 Norrie Everitt Memorial Meeting, Cardiff
19–21 Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog Hall, Powys 

JUNE 2014

5 Belfast Harmonic Analysis Day, Queen’s University Belfast
5 One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics, Oxford
16 Scattering Theory and Wave Equations Workshop, Loughborough
23–24 BioDynamics Workshop: Emergent Dynamics of Complex Biological Networks
23–27 Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications INI Conference, Cambridge
29–5 Jul XXXII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Białowieża, Poland
30–4 Jul Groups, Numbers, and Dynamics INI Workshop, Cambridge
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AnchorJULY 2014

4 Hardy Lecture, LMS Meeting, London
4 LMS Graduate Student Meeting, London
712 An Invitation to Geometry & Topology Via G2, LMS-CMI Research School, Imperial College London 
712 III School on Geometry and Physics, Białowieża, Poland
1315 Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability IMA International Conference, Oxford
23–25 ISSAC 2014 Kobe University, Japan
29–4 Aug International Mathematics Competition for University Students, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 
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AnchorAUGUST 2014

12 & 14 International Congress for Women in Mathematics 2014, Seoul, Republic of Korea
1321 ICM 2014, Seoul, Republic of Korea
17–19 Mathematical Cultures Conference, De Morgan House, London
18–21 LMS Workshop on Operator Methods in Harmonic Analysis, Queen's University, Belfast
25–29 Algebraic Lie Theory and Representation Theory, LMS-CMI Research School, Glasgow 
28–30 15th International Pure Mathematics Conference 2014 (15th IPMC 2014), Islamabad, Pakistan
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3–5 Jordan Geometric Analysis and Applications, Queen Mary, University of London
3–5 Operator Theory Workshop, Queen’s University, Belfast
6 Mathematics and the First World War, LMS Meeting, London
22–26 Bounded Gaps Between Primes, LMS-CMI Research School, Oxford 

MARCH 2015

30–2 Apr Joint Meeting of the BMC and BAMC, Cambridge

AnchorJULY 2015

1317 Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications
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