Holgate Lectures and Workshops


The Holgate Lectures and Workshops sessions scheme provides session leaders who are willing to give a talk on a mathematical subject to groups of students or teachers.  The sessions are of mathematical content and are not, for example, careers talks.  Rather they are intended to enrich and enhance mathematical education, looking both within and beyond the curriculum.  Holgate session leaders do not charge a fee for giving talks, but local organisers are expected to pay travel expenses and subsistence costs, together with any local costs of organising the session.  The LMS will pay an annual honorarium to the session leaders.

The scheme is named in memory of Philip Holgate, who helped ensure the success of the LMS Popular Lectures.

The Society intends to re-launch the Holgate Lecture/Workshop sessions and invites applications from people who would like to become Holgate Session Leaders.

It is anticipated that, primarily, each session leader should offer a range of sessions for those in education outside of higher education.  This could be at primary, secondary or A-Level or equivalent (including STEP/AEA).  It may also cover adult education.  The leader would also be free to offer sessions to other relevant groups, for example teachers of mathematics, to enhance their professional mathematical development.

It is anticipated that the majority of the sessions would be held in schools and applicants with strong contacts in schools are particularly welcomed.  The LMS will advertise the sessions, however session leaders will be expected to promote themselves and the Holgate sessions they offer locally.

The local organiser of a session may be a school, or a group of schools, or a local branch of a mathematical organisation.  Schools will be strongly encouraged to collaborate when hosting sessions.  There is no required minimum or maximum attendance for the sessions, and appointees will be free to decide whether to accept or decline a request.

There will be no upper or lower bound on the session leader’s workload.  As an indicative number it is anticipated that they will give three or four sessions during each academic year with the possibility of doing more, although proposals for alternative models will be considered.

Appointees will be asked to provide material for the LMS website such as titles/abstracts/descriptions of talks.  They will also be asked to provide an e-mail contact and a short profile, including areas of expertise, interests and experience.  It is not intended that the sessions listed on the website would be comprehensive and session leaders would be encouraged to develop or adapt content in light of requests.


Applicants are asked to send a short (2-page) CV and a letter detailing what it is they think they could offer as a Holgate Session Leader, and what they believe that the Holgate sessions could offer as an educational experience.  The Society is open to a wide range of proposals and applicants are encouraged to set out ideas.  Applicants are asked to set out what contacts they have that will help them to reach those learning and/or teaching mathematics and those who would benefit from the Holgate Lectures and Workshops.  Applications should be received by 22nd May 2015, sent to duncan.turton@lms.ac.uk.

While there is no particular person specification, applicants should have a track-record in mathematics education, communicating with people learning and/or teaching mathematics outside of HE.  They may be research-active mathematicians in a university department or be someone mathematically or statistically qualified based outside of academia.  There is no requirement that applicants be members of the LMS.

Session leaders and local organisers will be asked to provide a short report on each session and will be paid £450 per year as an honorarium.  Appointment will be for a three year term (August 2015 – August 2018) renewable by agreement.  It is expected that Holgate session leaders will be drawn from all parts of the country to maximise geographical reach.