Holgate Lectures

The Holgate Lectures scheme provides a slate of quality lecturers who are willing to give a talk at secondary level on a mathematical subject. (The scheme is named in memory of Philip Holgate, who helped ensure the success of the LMS Popular Lectures).

The key features of the scheme:

  • Each talk is designed for students in an approximate secondary age-group, but it may be possible to adjust this (subject to discussion with the lecturer);
  • The local organiser may be a school, or a group of schools, or a local branch of some mathematical organisation, provided they can guarantee an appropriate audience of around 50.
  • Where an invitation originates in a single school, we expect that other local schools will be invited to attend at an agreed time (this is especially true where a school requests a repeat visit).
  • The contact details of Holgate Lecturers are given further down this page, together with titles of talks, brief descriptions of the talks, and approximate year groups for the intended student audience (it may sometimes be possible to adjust the agreed target group as a result of contacting the lecturer).
  • Local organisers have the responsibility for contacting their chosen lecturer, arranging the talk and the venue, advertising the talk, and providing accommodation for the lecturer if required.
  • Each lecturer has committed to give up to five talks during each academic year, and should not be asked to travel unreasonably long distances.
  • Holgate Lecturers do not charge a fee for giving talks, but local organisers are expected to pay each lecturer’s travel expenses and subsistence costs, together with any local costs of organising the talks.
  • The organiser should send a brief report on the talk to the LMS Administrative Officer (address below), within a month of the talk taking place.

Any general queries about the Holgate Lectures should be addressed to the Education and Research Officer, London Mathematical Society, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HS, email: education@lms.ac.uk


Holgate Lecturers and titles

Dr Mike Spivey (Oxford University, tel: 01865 273854, email: mike@comlab.ox.ac.uk)

Lecture 1: How to get from A to B
Lecture 2: The language of tile

Dr James Blowey (University of Durham, tel 0191 3343072, email J.F.Blowey@durham.ac.uk)

Lecture 1. Rubik's cubism
Lecture 2. Why bother with proof?
Lecture 3. Steiner networks

Dr Kevin Houston (University of Leeds, tel 0113 343 5136, e-mail k.houston@leeds.ac.uk)

Lecture 1: Mathematics and Card Cheating
Lecture 2: A Million Dollars Declined: The Poincaré Conjecture
Lecture 3: The World Is Not Flat