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LMS Popular Lectures 2018

LONDON (King’s College London, Bush House Buildings) 4th July 19:00

BIRMINGHAM (University of Birmingham) 19th September 18:30

Katie Steckles

Maths's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles

While mathematicians are undoubtedly brilliant, and their work is used in all kinds of amazing scientific and technological discoveries, there are still questions they can't answer. Every mathematical question is a puzzle to be solved, and while there'll be plenty of puzzles for you to chew on, we'll also learn about some of the questions that still leave mathematicians stumped - from simple-sounding number and shape problems to some truly mind-bending fundamental questions.

Jennifer Rogers - (University of Oxford)

Risky Business

Real life involves risks, whether it's cycling without a helmet, travelling to a country with contagious diseases, or living in a house next to a river. Sometimes your perception of risk is distorted, making you think some things are more - or less - risky than is actually the case. How statistically significant are the risks that we see? What do the numbers mean? And what are own personal relationships with risk? Jen Rogers delves into the numbers to show you how statistics can help you to make better decisions about risky activities. You'll even get a chance to take a risk - if you dare...

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