150 Years of the London Mathematical Society

150 Years of the London Mathematical Society

The LMS, founded in 1865, is marking its 150th Anniversary in 2015. To commemorate this historic occasion, the Society has launched a year-long programme of events aimed at celebrating the contributions of UK mathematics, looking back over 150 years of achievements and looking forward to exciting opportunities in mathematics for future generations. The celebration events will come under the overarching theme of Mathematics: Unlocking Worlds, with a particular focus on:


  • 150 Years of the LMS and Mathematics
  • Mathematics as Part of our Culture
  • New Ways of Communicating Mathematics


The 150th celebrations will promote mathematics as widely as possible and the key messages which it is hoped will be taken from the many events and activities taking place throughout 2015 are:


  • Mathematics transforms people’s lives
  • Mathematics is everywhere and for everyone
  • Mathematics Research: Curiosity, Creativity, Discovery.


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