Education Day

The annual LMS/HoDoMS Education Day is an opportunity for mathematics lecturers and colleagues across the higher education sector to meet and discuss aspects of education directly related to higher education. It is a free event and usually consists of a number of talks followed by discussion groups.

Previous Education Days

The 2023 Education Day on 'Diversifying the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum' was held on Wednesday 24 May 2023 at De Morgan House. See details of some of the presentations below.

  • Richard Crossman and Emmanuel Ogundimu, Durham University: 'Decolonising the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum'. Download slides here.
  • June Barrow-Green and Brigitte Stenhouse, The Open University: 'Contextualising the Curriculum through the History of Mathematics'. Download slides here.
  • Noel-Ann Bradshaw and Tony Mann, University of Greenwich: 'Students' obstacles to 'belonging' to the mathematics community'. Download slides here.

The 2019 Education Day was held on 13 May 2019. A report on the day was published in the July 2019 issue of the LMS Newsletter, which can be accessed here (see page 16).