How to donate to the Library

Procedures for the Donation of Mathematics Books

From time to time, the London Mathematical Society receives offers of the donation of a collection of mathematics-related books and it is grateful for the generous offers it receives, whatever the circumstances.

The Society maintains a Library (stored as part of the mathematics section of University College London Library), and is appreciative of opportunities to enhance its collection. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a proportion of the books being offered will either duplicate material already held in the Library or will otherwise be unsuitable for collection, and ultimately these would not be retained under the terms of our agreement with UCL.

The following guidelines outline the Society’s normal response to such offers, and have been prepared by the Library Committee to provide potential donors with a description of the steps that will be taken in order to inform decisions about their donation and, where appropriate, assist with their distribution.

  1. All donors will be asked to provide a list of the books being offered, as this will be an essential tool in deciding the best use of the collection for the interests of mathematics.
  2. With this list provided, the Library Committee will then consider which of the books would be suitable for addition to the Society’s Library, and offer to reimburse the donor for the cost of transporting these to London.
  3. Books that are added to the Society’s Library will then be fitted with a bookplate to acknowledge the donation. 
  4. For the donation of books to universities in economically developing countries, the Library Committee suggest consulting either the European Mathematical Society Committee for Developing Countries Book Donation Scheme, for advice.

For further information, please contact the LMS Librarian at, or write to:

The Librarian
London Mathematical Society
De Morgan House
57-58 Russell Square
London WC1B 4HS