The Society offers a number of different grants schemes to support mathematics, including research grants for mathematicians and computer scientists working at the interface of maths and computer science; education grants for teachers and other educators; and travel grants to attend conferences, among others.

The grant schemes are funded from the Society’s resources received from its endowments, investments and publishing activities and are one of the primary mechanisms through which the Society achieves its central purpose, namely to 'promote and extend mathematical knowledge'.  The Society's current general grant-making policy can be found in the most recently published Trustees' Report here.

The current grant schemes are listed below:

Scheme 1: Conference Grants - up to £5,500 available.  Scheme 1 award success rate 2021/22: 91%

Scheme 2: Visiting Speakers to the UK - up to £1,500 available. Scheme 2 award success rate 2021/22: 100%

Scheme 3: Joint Research Groups - up to £1,500 per academic year. Scheme 3 award success rate 2021/22: 100%

Scheme 4: Research Reboot / Research in Pairs (Scheme 4) - up to £1,000 available for a Research Reboot grant and up to £1,200 available. Scheme 4 award success rate 2021/22: 94%

Scheme 5: Collaborations with Developing Countries - up to £3,000 available. Scheme 5 award success rate 2021/22: 100%

Scheme 6: Research Workshop Grants- up to £4,000 available. Scheme 6 success rate in 2021/22: 75%

Scheme 7: Computer Science Small Grants - up to £1,000 available. Scheme 7 award success rate 2018/19: 73%

Scheme 8: Postgraduate Research Conference Grants - up to £2,500 available. Scheme 8 award success rate 2021/22: 100%

Scheme 9: Celebrating New Appointments - up to £450-£500 available. Scheme 9 award success rate 2021/22: 89%

Atiyah UK-Lebanon Fellowships - Up to £8,000 available.  

Early Career Researcher Travel Grants - up to £500 available. Early Career Researcher travel grants award success rate 2021/22: 81%

Undergraduate Research Bursaries - up to £2,000 available.

Undergraduate Summer School Grants - up to £24,000 available.

LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meeting Grant - up to £1,000 available.

LMS Research School Grants - up to £15,000 available.

LMS Research School on Knowledge Exchange Grant - up to £15,000 available.

LMS Early Career Fellowships - up to £8,600 available.

LMS Travel Grants to ICMs and ECMs

Small Grants for Education - up to £800 available.

Individual Grants for Teacher CPD - up to £400 available.

Multiple Grants for Teacher CPD - up to £2,000 available.

Grants for Teacher CPD: Teaching and Learning in HE - up to £500 available

LMS Caring Costs Policy 

The LMS wishes to enable carers and parents to take part in the activities that it supports. Applicants for grants across Schemes 1-9, for Early Career Research activities or who will run Society Meetings can request funding to help mathematicians with caring or parenting responsibilities to participate in their activities. In addition, individuals requiring support for caring to attend conferences, workshops, research schools and meetings or to make research visits - not necessarily organised by LMS - can apply for a Caring Supplementary Grant to contribute to such costs.  

The Policy is available here.

Other sources of funding:

Information about other funding offered by other organisations can be found here