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2024 February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September


23 Microlocal Analysis & PDEs: Advances and Perspectives, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh
MARCH 2024
7 LMS Professional Development Series for Early Career Researchers. Session 3: The Grants Application Process
9-10 Tomorrow’s Mathematicians Today Conference 2024, online
14 International Day of Mathematics 2024
15 16+ Where Can Mathematics Take You?, online
18-20 Evolution in Structured Populations: Recent Progress and New Challenges, University of Oxford
21-22 Mathematical Modelling for Environmental Challenges, University of Warwick
25-28 LMS Northern Regional Meeting and Workshop, Durham University
25-28 Nonlinear Elasticity: Modelling of Multi-Physics and Applications, EUROMECH Colloquium 630, Edinburgh
APRIL 2024
2-5 LMS Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop, Loughborough University
4-6 Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance – MAF2024, Le Havre, France
8-12 Young Geometric Group Theory XII, University of Bristol
9-11 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2024, Newcastle University
15-19 Groups, Topology, and Applications VI conference, Bilbao
15-19 Gauge Fields in Arithmetic, Topology and Physics, ICMS Edinburgh
22-26 Conference on Modern Topics in Stochastic Analysis and Applications (in honour of Terry Lyons’ 70th birthday), Imperial College (South Kensington Campus), London
26 LMS Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meeting and Hirst Lecture 2024, De Morgan House, London and online
29 South East Mathematical Physics Seminars 21
MAY 2024
7 LMS Maths Communication Workshop, with Katie Steckles and Ben Sparks, University of Manchester
9 LMS Popular Lecture 2024 with Sarah Hart, Bramall Hall, Birmingham
17 EMS Women in Mathematics Day 2024
21 LMS Maths Communication Workshop, with Katie Steckles and Ben Sparks, online
22 LMS/Gresham Lecture 2024 with Oliver Johnson, London and online
22 LMS Education Day 2024: Mathematics, AI and DigiTech Futures
30 Identifying threshold concepts in undergraduate mathematics teaching workshop, Queen Mary University of London
JUNE 2024
12-14 UK Operator Algebras Conference, Newcastle University
17-20 75th British Mathematical Colloquium, University of Manchester
24-26 New Perspectives in Computational Group Theory, University of Warwick
24-28 The Interplay of Geometric Group Theory and K-Theory, University of Southampton
JULY 2024
1-5 LMS Invited Lecture Series 2024, Imperial College London
7-14 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education, Sydney, Australia
8-12 LMS Research School: New directions in combinatorial representation theory and diagrammatic categorification
8-12 British Isles Graduate Workshop V: Mathematical General Relativity, Coalport
8-12 Simple-Mindedness, Silting, and Stability, University of Cumbria, Ambleside
15-19 9th European Congress of Mathematics, Seville, Spain
15-21 65th International Mathematical Olympiad, Bath
22-26 Bridging PDE and Geometric Flows - An LMS-HIMR Research School, Cardiff University
22-26  LMS Research School: AGGITATE 2024, University of Essex
12-16 International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA), University of Kent
28-30 Water Waves – Mathematical Theory and Applications, University of Plymouth
4-6 Groups & Representations: after Roger Carter, University of Warwick, Coventry


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