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This calendar lists Society meetings and other mathematics events publicised in the LMS Newsletter.

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1-3 Scaling Limits: From Statistical Mechanics to Manifolds, University of Cambridge  
1-10 LMS Northern Regional Meeting & Workshop in Celebration of the 60th Birthday of Bill Crawley-Boevey
7 LMS Northern Regional Meeting
7-11 The British Science Festival 
8-10 2nd IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Robotics 
9-10 LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meeting
9-10 Heilbronn Annual Conference 2021
10 Locally analytic representations of p-adic groups, hybrid/online
16-17 Statistics at Bristol: Future Results and You
19-24 8th Heidelberg Laureate Forum, Heidelberg, Germany
21-23 Conference in Honour of Sir Michael Atiyah, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge
30 2021 Clay Research Conference
30-1 Oct LMS/IMA Joint Meeting, Maths in Human Society
4-7 2021 School on Graph Theory, Online, University of Johannesburg
5-6 Black Heroes of Mathematics Mathematics Conference 2021
23 IMA Early Career Mathematicians’ Autumn Conference Online Event
12 LMS Annual General Meeting, Goodenough College, London
14-15 18th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding
APRIL 2022
25-29 Rational Points on Higher Dimensional Varieties, ICMS, Edinburgh
MAY 2022
18-20 12th IMA Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, Aston University 
JUNE 2022
16-19 Association for Women in Mathematics Research Symposium, University of Minnesota
JULY 2022
6-14 International Congress of Mathematicians, Saint Petersburg


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