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This calendar lists Society meetings and other mathematics events publicised in the LMS Newsletter.

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2024 June, July, August, September, November
2025 June


JUNE 2024
17 LMS and Waterstones Trafalgar Square presents: An evening of Mathematics and Literature: Sarah Hart in conversation with Rob Eastaway
17-20 75th British Mathematical Colloquium, University of Manchester
19 LMS Society Meeting at the British Mathematical Colloquium 2024, University of Manchester
24-26 New Perspectives in Computational Group Theory, University of Warwick
24-28 The Interplay of Geometric Group Theory and K-Theory, University of Southampton
26-28 Population Genomics Research Students’ Conference, University of Edinburgh
26-30 LMS Research School: Random Structures, Applied Probability and Computation, Liverpool
28 LMS General Meeting and Celebration of Kelvin's 200th Anniversary, De Morgan House, London and online via Zoom (in partnership with BSHM and University of Glasgow)
28-29 Python for A-Level Mathematics and Beyond -Summer 2024 (Online Workshop)
JULY 2024
1-5 LMS Invited Lecture Series 2024, Imperial College London
1-5 30th British Combinatorial Conference, Queen Mary University of London
2-3 Trending Aspects in Group Cohomology, University of Lincoln
2-4 OPSFOTA - Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions, Operator Theory
and Applications, University of Bristol
7-14 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education, Sydney, Australia
8-12 LMS Research School: New directions in combinatorial representation theory and diagrammatic categorification, University of York
8-12 British Isles Graduate Workshop V: Mathematical General Relativity, Coalport
8-12 Simple-Mindedness, Silting, and Stability, University of Cumbria, Ambleside
10 LMS/IMA/RSS Higher Education Teaching and Learning Workshop Series 2023/24 - Designing assessment to promote students’ wellbeing, University of Greenwich
15-19 9th European Congress of Mathematics, Seville, Spain
15-21 65th International Mathematical Olympiad, Bath
16 LMS Lecture at the European Congress of Mathematics 2024
16-28 LMS Undergraduate Summer School, Sheffield
17 LMS/IMA/RSS Higher Education Teaching and Learning Workshop Series 2023/24 - Rethinking Assessment in The Mathematical Sciences in Times of Generative AI, University of Glasgow
17-19 DANE 2024, Design and Analysis of Networked Experiments King's College London
22-26 Bridging PDE and Geometric Flows - An LMS-HIMR Research School, Cardiff University
22-26  LMS Research School: AGGITATE 2024, University of Essex
5-9 Young Mathematicians in C*-algebras 2024, University of Glasgow
5-9 Machine Learning in Infinite Dimensions, University of Bath
12-16 International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA), University of Kent
20-23 Research Students' Conference in Probability and Statistics (RSC), University of Exeter
28-30 Water Waves – Mathematical Theory and Applications, University of Plymouth
4-5 Unlocking the Potential: The IMA AI/ML Congress, Birmingham
4-6 Groups & Representations: after Roger Carter, University of Warwick, Coventry
10-13 Geometry from the Model Theorist's Point of View, Math Institute & St. Hilda's College, Oxford
11-13 4th IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application, University of Bath
22  LMS Annual General Meeting and Naylor Lecture 2024
JUNE 2025
23-26 4th IMA Conference on Dense Granular Flows, Cambridge
24-26 IMA Mathematics Anxiety International Conference, Cambridge


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