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List of Editorial Advisers

Aims and Scope

Transactions of the London Mathematical Society is a fully open access journal that covers the same subjects as the Bulletin, Journal and Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society with whom it shares the LMS Editorial Board. It has a wide scope which ranges from number theory to functional analysis and from quantum field theory to topology. The journal is peer reviewed, copy-edited and typeset to the same high standard as the other LMS titles.

The journal is now listed in the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). 

Journal information

The Transactions is a paid, fully open access online journal. For a summary of publishing rights, open access and archiving policies for the Transactions, please see this fact sheet.


This purely open access journal provides a place for authors whose funders, such as those institutions who have signed the 'Compact for Open Access Equity', insist that the papers they fund may only be published in purely open access journals. This would exclude being published in the Bulletin, Journal or Proceedings of the LMS which are 'hybrid journals' (i.e. they offer standard subscription access as default, with a paid open access as an option).

The policy of the London Mathematical Society is to provide as wide and varied a service as possible to the whole mathematics community and we believe that open access is here to stay and we must work with it in all its forms. By launching the journal, the LMS is not promoting any particular cause and is not advocating one publishing payment model over another. The purpose of setting up the Transactions of the LMS is to complete a comprehensive range of options to all mathematicians: in particular to provide a service to those whose funders are requiring them to publish in open access journals. 

The journal is funded by Article Processing Charges (APCs), payable by the authors with money from their institution or funder. Visit the Wiley  Author Compliance Tool or Wiley Open Access Account pages to find out how to access funds. 

Guidelines for submission

Papers can be submitted electronically; see here for details.

When preparing the paper for submission, consider using lms.cls. Upon acceptance, authors will agree to sign the publishing agreement. See the sample licence form.


Transactions of the LMS Online

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Further details

The Transactions of the London Mathematical Society was launched in March 2013. It is published in one volume per year. The journal is owned by the London Mathematical Society. From 2017 it is typeset, printed and distributed on our behalf by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 

The Transactions provides enhanced online functionality including MathJax, and welcomes colour images, embedded animated images, additional materials and video links.  

If you have further enquiries about the journal, please contact Dr Ola Törnkvist, the LMS Editorial Manager, at


Ethical Policy

The London Mathematical Society has recently adopted an ethical policy for its journals, including guidance on the expected behaviour of authors, referees and editors. The full policy can be found here.