LMS/BCS-FACS Evening Seminars

In association with the British Computer Society Formal Aspects of Computing Science (BCS-FACS), the LMS hosts an annual evening seminar on aspects of the computer science–mathematics interface. These events are free to anyone who wishes to attend, and have attracted high-quality speakers.

The 2018 LMS/BCS-FACS Seminar was held on 1st November 2018. Professor Bill Roscoe of the University of Oxford gave a talk titled Verifying CSP and its offspring.

Abstract: I like to give systems semantics with a straightforward, refinement based verification model. This is true of CSP, Timed CSP, occam, and new work on CSM (a vehicle for translating model based languages such as UML). This has paid off with many successful verification projects from the transputer, many military systems, systems for creating correct embedded software, to security analysis. I will touch on the expressiveness of CSP, the virtues of refinement and the challenges of scalability and accessibility by non specialists.

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