The banknote includes excerpts from Alan Turing’s article 'On computable numbers'
Alan Turing appears on new £50 banknote

The London Mathematical Society

The LMS and Institute of Mathematics and its Applications are delighted to announce that the 2021 David Crighton Medal is awarded to Professor Caroline Series, of the University of Warwick. This…

The London Mathematical Society has elected the following people to Honorary Membership of the Society in 2021:

Professor Bảo Châu Ngô, University of Chicago, USA, and…

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Online, organised by UEA, hosted by the ICMS.

Mathematical scientists across the UK in every walk of life will be able to find and network with potential research collaborators in a single online location.…

Join the London Mathematical Society and receive many benefits including full voting rights in our annual elections, use of our library at UCL and discounts on…

The preliminary slates for the 2020 LMS elections to Council and Nominating Committee are now available

Please double-check your eligibility with your institutional open access team on acceptance of your paper for the Bulletin, Journal, Proceedings, Transactions, Journal of Topology…

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The Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society is the flagship journal of the LMS. It publishes articles of the highest quality and significance across a broad range of mathematics.…

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The Transactions now has a new, separate editorial board. It continues to welcome papers of a general or specialised nature that represent a significant advance in…

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Welcome to De Morgan House Conference Facilities.

Located in Russell Square, central London we offer excellent transport links, an affordable pricing structure and contemporary facilities housed in a Grade II listed building.


Frames of mind

These are extracts from the film “Thinking Space”. How do mathematicians think? This 60 minute documentary film features nine UK-based mathematicians offering insights into their mathematical thinking across a broad range of mathematical research fields.