How to join the London Mathematical Society

How to join the London Mathematical Society

1. Applications

To apply for membership, candidates should complete the online application form

- Applications for Ordinary, Associate  and Associate (undergraduate) Membership:

The LMS requires candidates for Ordinary, Associate and Associate (undergraduate) Membership to be proposed and seconded by members of the Society.  Please ask an LMS member(s) to counter-sign the application form either as a proposer or as a seconder.  If a candidate is attached to a university in the UK, it is sufficient for him/her to be proposed either by the head of a mathematics department (if he/she an LMS member) or by the LMS Representative for his/her university. The proposal can then be seconded by an LMS Officer. An applicant who has difficulty in finding a proposer or seconder should contact the LMS Membership Department.

-Applications for Reciprocity Membership:
Candidates applying under a Reciprocity agreement do not need a proposer or seconder, but need to state of which Reciprocity Society they are a member. 
All applications will be acknowledged by email, which also informs the candidate of when his/her application will be presented for election to membership.

2. Election to Membership

Election to membership takes place at the next Council Meeting after the receipt of the application, subject to confirmation by a meeting of the Society
All successful applicants will then be infomed by letter after the relevant LMS meeting and further details of how to pay their subscription will be included.  Current subscription rates
NB: The subscription form must be completed and returned with the appropriate payment within six months of the date of election, otherwise the election becomes void.
After new members have paid their first subscription, they may sign the Members' Book and be formally welcomed to the Society at one of its Society Meetings.