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LMS Society Meetings

The LMS runs an annual programme of Society Meetings, including the three regional meetings (Midlands, Northern, South West and South Wales), the Society Meeting held at the annual BMC, the Society Meeting at the quadrennial ECMs & ICMs and the General Meetings held in London. The Society, Lectures and Meetings Committee oversees the meetings, with the exception of the Mary Cartwright Lecture, for which the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics selects the speakers.

From time to time, the LMS also runs Society Meetings to mark mathematical anniversaries and Joint Meetings with other Scientific Societies.

Formal business of the Society takes place at the beginning of the meeting, including the opportunity for members to sign the Members' Book, which has been in use since 1865.

Members and non members are welcome to attend the meetings.

 Forthcoming meetings

Date Location Meeting Speaker(s)
 27 March 2023  Warwick

 LMS Midlands Regional Meeting

 This is an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol University), 
  • Michael Magee (Durham University)
  • Mark Pollicott (Warwick University).
 4 April 2023  Bath

 Society Meeting at the BMC 2023

This is an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Tim Browning (IST Austria)
 30 June 2023  Mary Ward House, London General Meeting & Hardy Lecture 2023
  •  Hardy Lecturer: Eva Miranda (UPC-Barcelona)
  • Sir Roger Penrose FRS (Oxford)
 13 October 2023  To be confirmed

 Joint Meeting with the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications.

Theme: Mathematics of AI.

This is an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

 To be announced.

Postponed from 10 November 2022 to 2023, due to unforeseen circumstances, with new date to be confirmed.

ICMS, Edinburgh, and online Mary Cartwright Lecture and Society Meeting
  • Mary Cartwright Lecturer: Tara Brendle (Glasgow)
  • Dan Margalit (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Further details of future meetings to follow.

For more information email

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Prospective Organisers of Regional Meetings and Workshops

If you are interested in organising a Regional Meeting and Workshop, please contact your Regional Representative in the first instance. (Northern - Karin Baur (Leeds), Midlands - Wael Bahsoun or South West & South Wales Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea)). 

Prospective Organisers of Mathematical Anniversary Meetings and Joint Meetings

If you are interested in organising a Meeting to mark a mathematical anniversary or a Joint Meeting between the LMS and another Scientific Society, please contact the Chair of the Society, Lectures and Meetings Committee ( to discuss ideas.

LMS Caring Costs Policy 

The LMS wishes to enable carers and parents to take part in the activities that it supports. Applicants for grants across Schemes 1-9, for Early Career Research activities or who will run Society Meetings can request funding to help mathematicians with caring or parenting responsibilities to participate in their activities. In addition, individuals requiring support for caring to attend conferences, workshops, research schools and meetings or to make research visits - not necessarily organised by LMS - can apply for a Caring Supplementary Grant to contribute to such costs.  

The Policy is available here.

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Guidance for organisers of LMS events and LMS-funded events

An alphabetical list (by activity) of guidance for organisers of LMS events and LMS-funded events is given on the LMS website here (  and refers to the following Society's policies and guidelines for events, which are organised on behalf of the Society e.g. Regional Meetings. The LMS' Society Lectures and Meetings Committee reviews and updates the list twice a year and would be happy to hear about any further guidance, which could benefit mathematicians. Prospective and Current Regional Meeting organisers are asked to review this guidance when drafting their proposal and when planning and running their event.

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