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LMS Society Meetings

The LMS runs an annual programme of Society Meetings, including the three regional meetings (Midlands, Northern, South West and South Wales), the Society Meeting held at the annual BMC, the Society Meeting at the quadrenniel ECMs & ICMs and the General Meetings held in London. The Society, Lectures and Meetings Committee oversees the meetings, with the exception of the Mary Cartwright Lecture, for which the Women in Mathematics Committee selects the speakers.

From time to time, the LMS also runs Society Meetings to mark mathematical anniversaries and Joint Meetings with other Scientific Societies.

Formal business of the Society takes place at the beginning of the meeting, including the opportunity for members to sign the Members' Book, which has been in use since 1865.

Members and non members are welcome to attend the meetings.

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 Forthcoming meetings

Date Location Meeting Speaker(s)
9 October 2018 Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Meeting to celebrate the centennial of R.A. Fisher’s famous 1918 Paper on the theory of quantitative trait inheritance:   100 years of quantitative genetics theory and its applications: celebrating the centenary of Fisher 1918   Joint Meeting with the Fisher Memorial Trust, the Genetics Society, the Galton Institute and the Royal Statistical Society   Nick Barton (Kloster Neuburg)   Jarrod Hadfield (Edinburgh)   Sharon Browning (Seattle)   Heather Cordell (Newcastle)   Ed Buckler (Ithaca)   Richard Mott (London)   Josephine Pemberton (Edinburgh)   Fisher Memorial Lecture: Michael Goddard (Melbourne).
9 November 2018 BMA House, London LMS Annual General Meeting and Naylor Lecture Naylor Lecturer 2018: John R. King (Nottingham)   Accompanying speaker: TBC
17 December 2018 Exeter LMS South West & South Wales Regional Meeting and Workshop   Keith Ball (University of Warwick)   Min Lee (University of Bristol)   Jens Marklof (University of Bristol)

Further details of future meetings to follow.

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Prospective Organisers of Regional Meetings and Workshops

If you are interested in organsing a Regional Meeting and Workshop, please contact your Regional Representative in the first instance. (Northern - Mike Prest (Manchester), Midlands - Chris Parker (Birmingham) or South West & South Wales Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea)). 

Prospective Organisers of Mathematical Anniversary Meetings and Joint Meetings

If you are interested in organsing a Meeting to mark a mathematical anniversary or a Joint Meeting between the LMS and another Scientific Society, please contact the Chair of the Society, Lectures and Meetings Committee ( to discuss ideas.

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Current Organisers of Regional Meetings and Workshops

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Keith Ball (University of Warwick)

Min Lee (University of Bristol)

Jens Marklof (University of Bristol)