LMS Mission and Objectives


The London Mathematical Society has, since 1865, been the UK learned society for the advancement, dissemination and promotion of mathematical knowledge. Our mission is to advance mathematics through our members and the broader scientific community worldwide.


While the Society’s Royal Charter contains a formal statement of its objectives, the Society’s Council has approved the following interpretation of its objectives for operational use.

  • To advance mathematical knowledge by enabling mathematicians to undertake research and collaboration, and by supporting them in their efforts.
  • To promote widely mathematical sciences research and its broad benefits to decision makers, policy advisers, funders and users of mathematics.
  • To disseminate mathematical knowledge and make it available worldwide.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and a culture of fairness across all career stages, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the mathematical community.
  • To support mathematical education in schools, colleges and universities, and to encourage the public and young people to appreciate and engage with mathematics.
  • To manage the Society’s affairs and resources effectively, operating where appropriate to make a financial return on activities, and to seek a variety of funding sources to support the Society’s work.

Approved by LMS Council
July 2013