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LMS Book Series

The LMS collaborates with Cambridge University Press  to produce two book series: the Lecture Notes and the Student Texts

Volumes in the LMS Monographs series were published until 2013, but this series has ceased to accept new book submissions. Since October 2012 the History of Mathematics series is published by the American Mathematical Society alone.

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*Discounts are given to members of the LMS purchasing volumes in any of these four series for their own personal use. Order directly from the publisher (not the LMS), stating that you are a member of the Society. 

LMS Lecture Notes

Published by Cambridge University Press

Editor: Endre Süli (University of Oxford)
Associate Editors: Ben Green and Roger Heath-Brown (University of Oxford), Colva Roney-Dougal (University of St Andrews), Raphaël Rouquier (UCLA), Ulrike Tillmann (University of Oxford).   

The Series was founded in 1968 by the Society and Cambridge University Press. It has established itself as a valuable source of information for professional mathematicians and research workers in all areas of mathematics. Most of the volumes are short monographs giving an authoritative account of the present state of knowledge of a topic of current interest. The treatment may be informal but importance is attached to clear yet rigorous exposition.

The series also accepts conference proceedings and similar collective works that meet its general objectives.

To date over 440 volumes have appeared.

Intending authors should contact the Editor, Endre Süli, or alternatively Roger Astley and Holly Paveling of Cambridge University Press.

LMS Student Texts

Published by Cambridge University Press

Editor: Ian Leary (University of Southampton)
Associate Editors: Tim Burness (University of Bristol), Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College London), Christina Goldschmidt (University of Oxford), Jean-François Lafont (The Ohio State University), John Parker (Durham).

The LMS Student Texts series, established in 1983 and published by Cambridge University Press, complements the LMS Lecture Notes Series with textbooks aimed at advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students. It covers the whole range of pure mathematics, as well as topics in applied mathematics and mathematical physics that involve a substantial use of modern mathematical methods. Topics not of a standard nature though of current interest are also covered by volumes in this series. 

Ideally a student text should be accessible to a first-year research student working alone. Texts are frequently based on graduate courses given by the authors. Translations of successful books and edited notes from suitable research schools are also considered. To date, the series contains over 85 titles.

Camera-ready copy or TeX files are usually provided by the author, and books are 150–400 pages in length. The benefits of low-cost production are passed on to purchasers via modest pricing of the soft-cover versions.

Proposals may be submitted to the Editor, Ian Leary, or alternatively via Roger Astley and Holly Paveling of Cambridge University Press, who are also happy to give advice.

Algebraic Number Theory by Cassels and Fröhlich

The LMS has re-published this classic text which had been out of print for some years. Orders may be placed via major on-line book stores. Find out more

LMS Monographs

Published by Princeton University Press (This series is now closed to new submissions)

The original series was founded in 1968 by the Society and Academic Press; the second series was launched by the Society and Oxford University Press in 1983. In January 2003, the series moved again and new titles were published by Princeton University Press up until 2013.

The aim of this series was to publish authoritative accounts of current research in mathematics and high-quality expository works bringing the reader to the frontiers of research. Of particular interest were topics that had developed rapidly in the previous ten years but that had reached a certain level of maturity. Clarity of exposition is important and each book should be accessible to those commencing work in its field.

The books are of medium length, usually 250–450 pages, and are published in an attractive hardback version. 

History of Mathematics Series

Published by the American Mathematical Society

This is a special series of texts on the History of Mathematics and since October 2012 is published by the American Mathematics Society alone. The books provide interesting historical perspectives on the people and communities that have profoundly influenced the development of mathematics.

The series is particularly concerned with the history of 'modern mathematics' that is, from about 1750. The aim is to publish reasonably priced volumes of interest to the average working mathematician.

Books are published from the AMS offices at Rhode Island to a high standard of production quality, and are bound in attractive covers. To date, over 42 volumes have appeared.

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