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The LMS Library

The London Mathematical Society's collection of mathematical books began in 1866 and was housed at UCL until 1870. After moving to Albemarle Street and later the Science Museum, the Society’s Library returned to UCL in 1928 where it can still be found today.

The Society's Library contains a collection of

  • periodicals published by other mathematical societies which are received in exchange for the Society's publications
  • copies of books and journals published by the Society
  • items acquired by the Society as review copies or gifts

The LMS Library is integrated with the Mathematics section of the UCL Science Library.

The LMS Library for Members

Members of the London Mathematical Society are entitled to register as UCl Library users and to access to the combined resources of UCL and the LMS. Members may use all the material available in the reading rooms and stores of the UCL family of libraries. 

Opening Hours

How to Register

The LMS Archive

The London Mathematical Society maintains a collection of historical material, known as the LMS Archive. Archive material owned by the Society is held in several different locations, and includes material that is on long-term loan to other organisations. Some categories of archive material are held at the Society’s headquarters in De Morgan House. 

The LMS also houses the archives of the:


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