LMS Women in Mathematics Committee EU Referendum Statement

The Women in Mathematics Committee is aware that the vote to leave the EU affects the middle- and long-term plans of many mathematicians working in the UK, in particular those who come from one of the EU member states and made the UK their home.


We are concerned that female mathematicians who are citizens of one of the EU states may be particularly affected by the current developments.  For instance, women who have taken breaks in employment to follow their partner or to raise their children may not qualify under the five year rule to apply for permanent residency before the British exit from the European Union.  Those who are parents will also need to make difficult decisions about where their children should grow up.


We encourage UK mathematics employers to consider in their Brexit strategy how to counteract any gender bias in the effects of the split, and in particular, consider how to retain women mathematicians, who are underrepresented in UK mathematics.


We would like to hear your stories if you are affected (please contact Susanne.Pumpluen@nottingham.ac.uk). Anecdotes and experiences are as relevant as any statistics and help us to understand if and where we might be able to help.  And we hope that it may help you to share your experiences and talk about them. 


LMS Women in Mathematics Committee EU Referendum Statement (PDF)