List of Undergraduate Research Bursaries 2014

The London Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the list of successful applications to the 2014 round of Undergraduate Research Bursaries.



Research Supervisor



University of Bath

Professor David Calderbank

Charles Craven

Functoriality in geometry and representation theory

University of Bath

Professor Peter Morters

Tom Crawley

Spread of rumours in preferential attachment networks

University of Belfast

Dr Martin Matthieu

Victoria Coombe

Spectral Graph Theory Beyond Finite Dimensions

University of Birmingham

Dr Richard Mycroft

Candida Bowtell

Investigating external set systems

University of Bristol

Professor Guy Nason

Lewis Rendall

A new test of stationarity for network time series

University of Bristol

Dr Nina Snaith

Patrick Morris

Modelling elliptic curves with random matrix theory

University of Cambridge

Dr Thomas Montenegro-Johnson

David Baker

Dynamics of cilia observed in developing zebrafish

Cardiff University

Dr Andreas Artemiou

Luke Smallman

Dimension reduction with reweighted large margin classifiers

Cardiff University

Dr Jonathan Gillard

Holly Butcher

Low rank approximations of matrices, with a view towards statistical applications

University of Durham

Dr Athanasios Bouganis

Francesca Bianchi

Special Values of L-Functions attached to Hecke Characters

University of East Anglia

Dr Robert Gray

David Reed

The directed geometry of finitely generated amendable semigroups

University of East Anglia

Professor Shaun Stevens

Elaine Barker

Counting cuspidal representations of finite and p-adic reductive groups

University of Glasgow

Dr Christina Cobbold

Remus Stana

Can organisms with a non-motile life-stage keep pace with climate change?

Imperial College London

Professor Alessio Corti

Ben Wormleighton

Hilbert Functions of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces

University of Nottingham

Dr Alexander Ossipov

Thomas Cope

Quantum wavefunctions in disordered topological insulators

University of Oxford

Dr Tobias Dyckerhoff

Lothar Krapp

Unoriented Surfaces, Moebius graphs and outer space

University of Portsmouth

Dr James Burridge

Steven Kenney

Power laws and power law crossover in cascading systems

Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Martin Widmer

Sahana Seetharaman

Counting points of bounded height in certain infinite extensions

University of Strathclyde

Dr Michael Grinfeld

Maciej Buze

Non-local Models of Phase Transitions

University of Surrey

Dr Bin Cheng

Timothy Burchell

Accuracy and validation of braotropic fluid models on a sphere