List of Undergraduate Research Bursaries 2015

The London Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the list of successful applications to the 2015 round of Undergraduate Research Bursaries.




Research Supervisor



University of Bath

Professor David Calderbank

Edward Jones-Healey

Vertex operator algebras, from theory to examples and applications

University of Bath

Dr Simon Harris

Stephen Pidgeon

Catalytic branching Brownian motion

University of Bath

Professor Andreas Kyprianou

Emma Horton

Stable processes through the Kelvin transform

University of Bath

Dr Mark Opmeer

Philip Hanson

Rational Krylov subspaces for differential operators

University of Birmingham

Dr Nikolaos Fountoulakis

Charlie Dickens

Reconstructing hidden clustering in a graph: randomness and inhomogeneity

Durham University

Dr Dzmitry Badziahin

Matthew Northey

Checking p-adic Littlewood conjecture for certain types of numbers

Durham University

Dr Dirk Schuetz

Lewin Strauss

Steenrod Square calculations in the Khovanov homotopy type

University of East Anglia

Dr Richard Purvis

Aimee Mulcahy

Surface tension and inertia effects on air cushioning in droplet impacts

University of Edinburgh

Professor Andrew Ranicki

Jaan-Eerik Past

Applications of Persistent Homology to Image Processing

University of Edinburgh

Dr Susan Sierra

Rebecca Wood

Point representations of the Witt algebra

University of Edinburgh

Dr Joan Simon

David Grabner

Minimal surfaces in asymptotically AdS spaces

University of Glasgow

Dr Brendan Owens

Lavinia Bulai

Unlinking numbers of 10-crossing links

Heriot-Watt University

Dr Mark Lawson

Anna Suarez

Non-commutative frame theory

Imperial College London

Professor Mauricio Barahona

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Network Theoretic Approaches for the Segmentation of a Population using Genetic Data

University of Leeds

Dr Oleg Chalykh

Akshar Nair

Quasi-invariant polynomials

University of Nottingham

Dr Stephen Cox

James Lalyk

Mathematical modelling of self-oscillating class-D amplifies

University of Nottingham

Dr Silke Weinfurtner

Andrew Scoins

Hydrodynamic simulations of rotating black holes

University of Oxford

Professor Alison Etheridge

Yue Hui

A stochastic approach to the Fisher KPP equation with a fractional Laplacian

University of Oxford

Dr James Maynard

Chun Pong Lau

A study on gaps between primes and their distributions

Plymouth University

Dr Thomas McCourt

Kyle Bonetta-Martin

The canonical groups of properly face 2-coloured triangulations of the sphere: What groups can you get?

University College London

Professor Gavin Esler

Leo Middleton

Point vortex equilibria: Solutions of the Sinh-Poisson Equation - from low to high energy