Allison Henrich

Current Workplace
Seattle University
Current Role
Associate Professor of Mathematics
My Mathematics Success Story is...

I feel like I am successful because I’ve had amazing support and guidance from colleagues, collaborators, mentors, and professional development organizations. Without fail, my colleagues have advocated for me, to help me earn promotion and tenure, to help me win a national teaching award (the MAA’s Alder Award), and to help me feel like I’m supported in general, on a day to day basis. My collaborators across the world have been a constant source of inspiration for new research ideas. They’ve kept me excited about making time for my research, despite the demands that teaching, service, and administration place on my time. My mentors have also been an invaluable resource. They have taught me how to win grants (like an REU grant from the National Science Foundation), how to mentor undergraduate researchers, and how to become more connected in the math community. I have been inspired to become a better teacher, mentor, and colleague through my involvement with the Mathematical Association of America, Project NexT, the Council on Undergraduate Research, and the Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning. This is all to say that nobody can become successful alone. I am constantly in awe of my good fortune, as I have been able to surround myself with people who support the work I do and help me push my own limits of success.

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