Anne Laure Humbert

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Oxford Brookes University
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My Mathematics Success Story is...

After my degree in Statistics and Mathematical Studies at Maynooth University, I went on to complete a PhD at Trinity College Dublin. Although I was based in the Department of Statistics there, my work was at the nexus of gender studies and management. This allowed me to transition into applied statistics and to carve out an exciting area of expertise. In my work, I measure various aspects of gender inequalities in society and the economy. This draws not only on quantitative skills, but also on the ability to make the bridge with other disciplines such as sociology or psychology. Through doing applied work, there is also the possibility to work within either a policy or business context, which is also something that I have enjoyed a lot during my career. Sometimes, I wish I had not forgotten so much of the maths that I once knew… but then I get proof time and time again that it gave me a solid ground and rigor of thought that I am grateful for.

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