LMS Election Results 2017

The results of the 2017 LMS Elections to Council and Nominating Committee were announced at the LMS Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2017 and are listed below.



President: Caroline Series

Vice-Presidents: John Greenless and Catherine Hobbs

General Secretary: Stephen Huggett

Treasurer: Robert Curtis

Publications Secretary: John Hunton

Programme Secretary: Iain A. Stewart

Education Secretary: Kevin Houston


Member-at-Large, Librarian (1-year term):

June Barrow-Green


Members-at-Large (2-year terms), in alphabetical order:

Mark A. J. Chaplain

Andrew Dancer

Tony Gardiner

Brita Nucinkis

Gwyneth Stallard

Alina Vdovina


The continuing members of Council are: Alexandre Borovik, Tara Brendle, Francis Clarke, David E. Evans and Sarah Zerbes.


Nominating Committee (3-year terms), in alphabetical order:

H. Dugald Macpherson

Martin Mathieu