LMS Elections 2012


The election opened on 12th October.  Instructions on how to vote are available here.

1. Candidate Biographies and LMS Blog

Candidate biographies are listed in alphabetical order:

Candidate Biographies
LMS Election Blog

2. Election slates
The slates for the 2012 elections to Council and Nominating Committee are listed in the tables below.

2.1 Officer Roles
The following nominations for Officers of Council have been made in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.  The list is alphabetical.

Role Nominee Nominator
President Graeme Segal Nominating Committee
Vice-Presidents (2 Vacancies) Ken Brown
John Greenlees
Nominating Committee
Treasurer Robert Curtis Nominating Committee
General Secretary
(1 Vacancy)
Stephen Huggett Nominator: Angus Macintyre. Seconders: Peter Cameron, Peter Goddard, Richard P.W. Thomas
Malcolm MacCallum Nominating Committee
Publications Secretary John D. S. Jones Nominating Committee
Programme Secretary Robert Wilson Nominating Committee
Education Secretary (1 Vacancy) Tony Gardiner
Alice Rogers
Nominating Committee

2.2 Members-at-Large
The following nominations for Members-at-Large of Council have been made in accordance with the Society's By-Laws.

Six 2-year terms and one 1-year term are to be contested in the election. Five Members-at-Large who were elected for two years in 2011 have a year left to serve; they are: June Barrow-Green, Simon Donaldson, John Robert Hunton, Ari Laptev and Elizabeth Louise Mansfield.

The list is alphabetical.

Role Nominee Nominator
Member-at-Large Jacek Brodzki Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Francis Clarke Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large David M Evans Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Cathy Hobbs Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Andrey Lazarev Nominator: Nicole Snashall. Seconders: Andrew Baker, Joseph Chuang, Michael Farber
Member-at-Large James Montaldi Nominator: David Mond. Seconders: Roger Bryant, Kirill MacKenzie, Theodore Voronov
Member-at-Large Christopher Mulvey Nominator: Andrew Glass. Seconders: John Coates, Peter Goddard, Christopher Lance
Member-at-Large Sofia Olhede Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large John Parker Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Beatrice Pelloni Nominator: John Toland. Seconders: Simon Chandler-Wilde, Roger Grimshaw, Marco Marletta
Member-at-Large Colva Roney-Dougal Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Alastair Rucklidge Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Michael Singer Nominator: Ken Brown. Seconders: Martin Hyland, John Jones & Ulrike Tillmann.
Member-at-Large Ulrike Tillmann Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Alexander Veselov Nominating Committee
Member-at-Large Jonathan Woolf Nominating Committee

2.3 Nominating Committee
The following nominations for the Nominating Committee have been made by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the Society's By-Laws:

Two 3-year terms and one 1-year term are to be contested in the election.

The list is alphabetical.

Role Nominee Nominator
Nominating C'ttee Keith Ball Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Gavin Brown Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Russell Davies Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Frank Neumann Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee Shaun Stevens Nominating Committee
Nominating C'ttee David Tranah Nominating Committee

The continuing members of the Nominating Committee are:

Penny Davies (will take over as Chair from the 2012 AGM), Frances Kirwan, Michael Prest, Andrew Stuart. In addition, Council will appoint a representative to the Committee.

The current Chair of Nominating Committee, Caroline Series, will step down from the Committee at the 2012 AGM when her term of office expires.

Nominations for election closed on 1st September 2012.

3. Election System

LMS elections are conducted using Meek Method STV.  A full description of the System is available:

Fiona Nixon
LMS Executive Secretary

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