Education Day

LMS Education Day 2017: Thursday 25th May

The meeting's title was 'Teacher shortages in mathematics: how can HE mathematics departments help reverse the trend?'

University mathematics departments depend on teachers to prepare their own students, and they have an important role in training future generations of mathematics teachers. To do this effectively at a national level, it is critical that colleagues from across the sector understand the current state of Initial Teacher Training and the challenges that face teacher recruitment.

The day was split into two parts. During the morning, participants had the opportunity to learn about the challenges of teacher recruitment and find out how a number of maths departments have attempted to encourage students to think of mathematics teaching as a career. This session was introduced by Simon Singh. After lunch, discussion, led by Tony Gardiner, was focused around a document being developed by the LMS education committee on this subject for which input and feedback was sought. 

Whilst the theme for the day may have seemed somewhat removed from everyday teaching and learning activity within mathematics departments in HE, it was hoped that participants from a large number of mathematics departments would participate in the event and share their experiences and ideas.

A programme for the day can be found here.