LMS Society Meeting at the Joint BMC-BAMC 2021

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Ciprian Manolescu (Stanford)


The Joint British Mathematical Colloquium / British Applied Mathematical Colloquium 2021 event has been rescheduled to Tuesday 6th April – Friday 9th April 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 (BST), with the Society meeting taking place on April 8th.

LMS Lecture

Speaker: Ciprian Manolescu (Stanford)

Title: Khovanov homology and four-manifolds

Abstract: Over the last forty years, most progress in four-dimensional topology came from gauge theory and related invariants. Khovanov homology is an invariant of knots in  of a different kind: its construction is combinatorial, and connected to ideas from representation theory. There is hope that it can tell us more about smooth 4-manifolds; for example, Freedman, Gompf, Morrison and Walker suggested a strategy to disprove the smooth 4D Poincare conjecture using Rasmussen's invariant from Khovanov homology. It is yet unclear whether their strategy can work, and I will explain some of its challenges. I will also review other topological applications of Khovanov homology, with regard to smoothly embedded surfaces in 4-manifolds.


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