LMS Prizes Nomination Form 2023

Please use the form below to make nominations for LMS Prizes in 2023. The form may be used for more than one prize; however, nominees should carefully consider the criteria for each prize for which a candidate is nominated, and outline the candidate’s suitability for each separate prize in the case for award. Prize regulations can be accessed here.

The deadline for nominations is 8 January 2023 (11:59pm).

Please send any enquiries to prizes@lms.ac.uk.

Candidate Information
Please tick to confirm either that the UK was the candidate's country of residence on 1 January 2023 or that the candidate is a member of the Society mainly educated in the UK.
Please list any LMS prizes awarded to the candidate previously (if applicable) and the year of the award.
Prize(s) for which candidate is nominated
Whitehead Prize candidates should have fewer than 15 years (full time equivalent) of involvement in mathematics at post-doctoral level, allowing for breaks in continuity, or be at an equivalent stage in their career. If the candidate's PhD was received before 2009, please explain their eligibility in the case for award.
Nominator Information

Please give details of the principal nominator. If there is a second nominator, you can mention this in the supporting documents to be uploaded below.

Please give the name of the university or institution only.

Please give at least two referee suggestions for the candidate, and email addresses for each referee. Nominators are encouraged to consider independence when suggesting referees, rather than suggesting only supervisors/collaborators.

Supporting documents
Please upload a composite PDF file (ideally maximum 7 pages in total and using font size no smaller than 11 point), which contains the following documents to support the nomination:  
  • A copy of the candidate's short CV
  • A copy of the candidate's brief list of publications
  • The case for award: explain why the nominee deserves the award (ideally 500-word limit). This should include a strong scientific case for the award of a prize; please refer to the prize regulations. Nominations for the Senior Anne Bennett Prize should also include some detail on the candidate's work in advancing the careers of women in mathematics.

Upload requirements