LMS Past President elected to National Academy of Sciences

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) immediate past President, Professor Simon Tavaré FRS, has been elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences. Another notable mathematician to receive this honour is Professor Gerd Faltings ForMemRS, Director, Max Planck Institute, Bonn. Professors Tavaré and Faltings were among 21 new Foreign Associates who were recognised for their ‘distinguished and continuing achievements in original research’.

As well as the new Foreign Associates, the National Academy of Sciences also elected 84 new members, including Professor Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA, who visited the Society recently to present a lecture as part of the LMS Women in Mathematics Committee Mary Cartwright Lecture event.

Other mathematicians to receive this honour were, Professor Igor Frenkel (Yale University), Professor Christopher Hacon (University of Utah) and Professor Peter Ozsváth (Princeton University)

The Society would like to congratulate all those mathematicians who were elected. More information is available here