LMS Prizes 2021: call for nominations

Deadline for nominations: 31 December 2020

The LMS would like to invite nominations for the following prizes in 2021, which are intended to recognise and celebrate achievements in and contributions to mathematics:

  • The Pólya Prize, which is awarded in recognition of outstanding creativity in imaginative exposition of, or distinguished contribution to, mathematics within the UK;
  • The Senior Whitehead Prize, for work in, influence on or service to mathematics, or recognition of lecturing gifts in the field of mathematics;
  • The Naylor Prize and Lectureship, for work in, influence on, and contributions to applied mathematics and/or the applications of mathematics, and lecturing gifts;
  • The Berwick Prize, awarded to the author(s) of a piece of research published by the Society between January 2013 and December 2020;
  • The Anne Bennett Prize, for work in and influence on mathematics, particularly acting as an inspiration for women mathematicians;
  • The Whitehead Prizes, which are awarded for work in and influence on mathematics to mathematicians with fewer than 15 years’ experience at post-doctoral level (up to six may be awarded).

We have in various years found ourselves with rather few nominations for the Pólya Prize and the Anne Bennett Prize, and would particularly welcome nominations for these.  We would also strongly welcome more nominations for all prizes for women and other underrepresented groups in the mathematical community. In some cases, our prizes are intended to celebrate contributions to the community, and we intend to place a good deal of weight on this aspect in forthcoming rounds. In all cases the Prizes Committee interprets the criteria broadly, so if in doubt please submit a nomination.

Download nomination forms for the prizes below. Please return the form by email as a scanned PDF to Katherine Wright, Society and Research Officer (prizes@lms.ac.uk) by 31 December 2020.

LMS Prizes nomination form (for all prizes except the Berwick Prize) (Word)

LMS Prizes nomination form (all all prizes except the Berwick Prize) (PDF)

Berwick Prize nomination form (Word)

Berwick Prize nomination form (PDF)

Please note the timetable for awarding LMS prizes has moved forward this year and the deadline for nominations is earlier than usual. Any nominations received after 31 December will be considered in the next award round.