Survey by the EMS Education Committee

Student transition from school-level mathematics to university-level mathematics, often referred to as the secondary-tertiary transition (STT) is an enduring, complicated and multi-faceted process. STT is a long-standing issue of concern, which has merited significant attention in mathematics education research and practice. At its 2018 meeting in Cyprus, the EMS Education Committee recognised that our knowledge about successful ways of dealing with STT is still insufficient and that moving forward requires a large-scope effort on the part of all parties involved, including mathematics lecturers, school teachers, education researchers, policymakers and students in transition. As part of this effort, the Committee is conducting a survey among mathematicians. The goal of the survey is to collect and report to the mathematics community information needed to devise national and international actions that can essentially improve the state of the art with respect to STT.

More background information about STT is available here

The Survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and is open until 15 September 2019.