Dr Eugenie Hunsicker Appointed AWM Fellow

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) would like to congratulate Dr Eugenie Hunsicker, Chair, LMS Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics on her appointment as a Fellow of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). Dr Hunsicker receives the honour for ‘leadership of the United Kingdom community of women in mathematics; tireless advocacy for women in mathematics everywhere through talks, writing, and the film Faces of Women in Mathematics, and application of mathematical and statistical expertise to research into equity and diversity issues facing the mathematical community.

Dr Hunsicker became a member of the LMS Women in Mathematics Committee, (now the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics) in 2015 and Chair in 2016. She has been the driving force behind the Society’s strategy for women and diversity in mathematics and has achieved notable success in broadening the Society’s remit in terms of diversity issues. Other achievements include securing a larger commitment to events, activities and grants, with enhanced support for Women in Mathematics, Girls in Mathematics and Diversity in Mathematics events, grants to help those with caring responsibilities and setting up the Success Stories website. Another major achievement was the award of the Royal Society’s inaugural Athena Prize to the LMS Women in Mathematics Committee in 2016. Dr Hunsicker is also Deputy Chair of the Athena Forum.

The 2021 AWM Fellows will be honoured at the AWM Business Meeting and Awards Presentation as part of the Virtual Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) on January 8, 2021. The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) was founded in 1971. It currently has more than 3,500 members representing a broad spectrum of the mathematical community in the US and around the world.

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