LMS Prize Winners 2016

The 2016 LMS Prize winners were announced at the Society Meeting on Friday 8 July 2016. The LMS extends its congratulations to this year’s prize winners and for their continued contributions to mathematics .  


A DE MORGAN MEDAL is awarded to PROFESSOR SIR TIMOTHY GOWERS FRS of the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE for his seminal contributions to functional analysis, additive number theory and combinatorics, as well as for his numerous activities on the national and international mathematical stages.


A FRÖHLICH PRIZE is awarded to PROFESSOR DOMINIC JOYCE FRS of the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD for his profound and wide-ranging contributions to differential and algebraic geometry.


A SENIOR BERWICK PRIZE is jointly awarded to DR KEISUKE HARA of MYND INC and PROFESSOR MASANORI HINO of the UNIVERSITY OF KYOTO in recognition of their paper Fractional Order Taylor's Series and the Neo-Classical Inequality, Bull Lond Math Soc 42 (2010), 467-477.


A WHITEHEAD PRIZE is awarded to DR AREND BAYER of the UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH for his breakthroughs in the study of stability conditions on derived categories and their associated moduli spaces, and for his pioneering applications of this work to birational geometry.


A WHITEHEAD PRIZE is awarded to DR GUSTAV HOLZEGEL of IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON for his work on the celebrated black hole stability problem in general relativity, especially his pioneering papers on asymptotically (anti) de Sitter black holes.


A WHITEHEAD PRIZE is awarded to DR JASON MILLER of the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE for his landmark contributions to the geometric understanding of the two-dimensional free field, and its relation to SLE curves.


A WHITEHEAD PRIZE is awarded to DR CAROLA-BIBIANE SCHӦNLIEB of the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE for her spectacular contributions to the mathematics of image analysis.


An ANNE BENNETT PRIZE is awarded to DR JULIA WOLF of the UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL in recognition of her outstanding contributions to additive number theory, combinatorics and harmonic analysis and to the mathematical community.