LMS Emmy Noether Fellows 2020 Announced

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) is pleased to announce the award of the LMS Emmy Noether Fellowships to Dr Milena Hering, University of Edinburgh,  Dr Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros, Brunel University, Dr Irene Kyza, University of Dundee, and Dr Cristina Manolache, University of Sheffield.

LMS Emmy Noether Fellowships are designed to enhance the research, broadly construed, of mathematical scientists who are either re-establishing their research programme after returning from a major break associated with caring responsibilities, or who require support to maintain their research programme while dealing with significant ongoing caring responsibilities. They are sponsored by a generous donation from the Liber Stiftung .

We had a large number of exceptionally high-quality applications, more than we were able to fund, highlighting the importance of supporting mathematicians with caring responsibilities. Networking opportunities have been offered to all applicants, and, in addition, funded recipients will be assigned mentors in their host department. 

We were pleased to receive applications from a wide range of areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. The field was geographically diverse within the UK but lacked in diversity in other respects. If we are in a position to offer these fellowships again in the future, we very much hope to be able to encourage applications from mathematical scientists belonging to minorities in the community.  
Our warmest congratulations to the 2020 LMS Emmy Noether Fellows, who will be invited to De Morgan House to celebrate their research and to meet the donors once safe travel is possible.