LMS-Bath Mathematical Symposia 2025 - Call for Proposals

Extended Deadline: 13 March 2024 23:59 (GMT)

It is intended that there will be two LMS-Bath Mathematical Symposia to be held at the University of Bath in 2025 and one of the LMS-Bath Symposia will be funded by the Isaac Newton Institute and another funded by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS). Core funding at approximately £40,000.00 is available to support each Symposium, and it is planned to support up to two Symposia to take place in 2025.

Formerly known as the LMS-Durham Symposia, the LMS-Bath Mathematical Symposia will be held at the University of Bath between 2020 and 2025. The Symposia are an established and recognised series of international research meetings, since their foundation in 1974, that provide an excellent opportunity to explore an area of research in depth, to learn of new developments, and to instigate links between different branches.

The format is designed to allow substantial time for interaction and research. The meetings are by invitation only and will be held in July/August, usually lasting for two weeks, with up to 50 participants, roughly half of whom will come from the UK. A novel element of the symposia is that they will be complemented by a summer school, to prepare young researchers such as PhD students, or a “research incubator”, where problem(s) related to the topic of the conference is studied in groups. These events can take up to an additional week.

 Prospective organisers should send a formal proposal to the Grants Team (Grants@lms.ac.uk) by 13 March 2024. Proposals are approved by the Society’s Research Grants Committee after consideration of referees’ reports.

Proposals should include:

  • A full list of proposed participants, divided into specific categories:
    • Category A – Scientific Organisers
    • Category B – Key Overseas Participants
    • Category C – Key UK-based Participants
    • Category D – Important Overseas Participants
    • Category E – Important UK-based Participants
  • Proposers are encouraged to actively seek to include women speakers and speakers from ethnic minorities, or explain why this is not possible or appropriate. 
  • A detailed scientific case for the symposium, which shows the topic is active and gives reasons why UK mathematics would benefit from a symposium on the proposed dates.
  • Details of additional support from other funding bodies, or proposed avenues of available funding.
  • Indicative plans for the summer school or research incubator.
  • Where appropriate, prospective organisers should consider the possibility of an ‘industry day’.

 For further details about the LMS Mathematical Symposia, please visit the Society’s website: www.lms.ac.uk/events/mathematical-symposia

Before submitting:  Organisers are welcome to discuss informally their ideas with the Chair of the Research Grants Committee, Professor Andrew Dancer (Grants@lms.ac.uk).

Additional sources of funding

Current and prospective organisers may also consider applying for additional sources of funding e.g. the Clay Mathematics Institute Enhancement and Partnership Programme. A list of other external sources of funding is available here.

Previous LMS-Bath Symposia (2020 - present)

  • Further information on past and current LMS-Bath Symposia can be accessed here: Information on previous and current LMS-Bath Symposia
  • Topics have included:
    • Operators, Asymptotics, Waves (2023)
    • Categorical and Geometric Representation Theory (2023)
    • Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry Symposium (2022)
    • K-Theory and Representation Theory Symposium (2022)
    • New Directions in Water Waves (2022)
    • Analytic and Geometric Approaches to Machine Learning (2022)
    • Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry Summer School (2021)*
    • K-Theory and Representation Theory Summer School (2021)*
    • Mathematics of Machine Learning (2020)*

* Held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.