Mathematical Sciences Research Displayed in Parliament

Three Mathematical Scientists won medals and awards at the 2019 STEM for Britain competition in the House of Commons on Wednesday 13 March. Each received recognition for the excellence of their Mathematical Science research, walking away with a £2000, £1250 and £750 prize for Gold, Silver (both sponsored by the Clay Mathematics Institute), and Bronze (sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research). This is the sixth year that the Mathematical Sciences has taken part in the competition

Kristian Kiradjiev from the University of Oxford, Marina Jiménez-Muñoz from the University of Kent and Francesca Crucinio from the University of Warwick, each presented their research to dozens of politicians and a panel of expert judges as part of the poster competition.

Kristian Kiradjiev was awarded Gold for his research on Mathematical Modelling of Flue-gas Purification, Marina Jiménez-Muñoz won Silver for her research on Spatially-explicit Integrated Population Models Applied to Bird Populations and Francesca Crucinio won Bronze for her research on Sequential Monte Carlo for Fredholm Equations of the First Kind. More information is available here